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Amplify Your Business


Amplify Your Business


Join UpDos For I Dos founder, Ashley Riddle for a 2 day educational event located in the heart of historic Charleston, South Carolina.

This intense workshop will amplify your hands-on bridal hair and makeup techniques, accelerate your company branding and allow you to take your bridal business to the next level.

Following a full day workshop, join us for Happy Hour at the renowned Restoration Hotel. Then, commence Day 2 with a mini business crash course and hands on photo shoot. Test your new skills to see how they translate to film. Professional models, gowns and gorgeous floral installations provided.

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Monday, August 5th


Explore the city

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Welcome Happy Hour at the Restoration Hotel

Tuesday, August 6th

9:00 am - 4:30 pm - Gadsden House

Hair & Makeup Demo & Business Development

  • Learn new techniques and time saving skills

  • What are you missing from your kit?

  • Planning a styled shoot that leads to publication

  • Building your portfolio to attract the clients you desire

  • Effectively marketing your services within your budget

  • Establishing and setting achievable goals

  • Utilizing the community to maximize your business exposure

  • How to properly host an open house for referring vendors

  • Why aren’t your brides booking after a trial?

  • Asking for a refund after the big day? How to avoid this disaster.

  • Website Review (one on one with Ashley)

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm We Rocked It Out - Day 1 Happy Hour

Wednesday, August 7th

10:30 am - 3:30 pm - Gadsden House

  • Social Media Savvy? We will provide tips and tricks to showcase your best work.

  • Hands-on hair and makeup session with 2-3 models. Models will be professionally photographed by Kim Branagan. Oversized floral installation and backdrops provided by The Foraged Collective Workshop.

3:30 pm Closing Remarks + Goodbyes

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Two days of non-stop creative energy, education and hands-on learning. Collaborative workshop with Sweet Root Village, Roadside Blooms, Kim Branagan, The Restoration, Gadsden House, California Pajarosa Floral and Alaska Peony Cooperative.

Monday + Tuesday: Happy Hour

Tuesday + Wednesday: Lunch on the rooftop terrace

Gallery of photos from hands-on workshop and installation with The Foraged Collective Group

Access to private group for room sharing + travel info