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Wedding Day


Wedding Day



The first thirty minutes of travel (from the closest Up Do's studio to your location) is included in our pricing. Every fifteen minutes thereafter will be charged at a rate of $25 round-trip baed on Google maps.  If you would like a custom travel quote, please email us with your getting ready address (street name, city, state and zip).




How Much?

Up Do's Formal Styling & Blow-Outs

(up to 60 minutes in-studio)



(extensions provided by you)


Makeup Application

(up to 60 minutes in-studio)




(lashes supplied by us)

When & Where?

Linthicum Heights, MD


Salisbury, MD

By Appointment ONLY

Vienna, VA


Charleston, SC

By Appointment ONLY

What to expect?

At the time of your trial, you will meet with the artist(s) that will be traveling to you on the wedding day.

Trials fees are paid at the time of the trial and are not included in the contract. All trial fees are non-refundable.

It is difficult to accommodate a trial on Friday & Saturday as we are on-site with weddings. If you would like to request a weekend trial, please inquire directly as additional fees may apply.

Keep in mind, a scheduled trial does not secure your wedding date. Wedding dates and services are ONLY reserved with a signed contract and a non-refundable $250 deposit.  If you have a trial scheduled and we receive a contract for the same wedding date, this may result in the cancellation of your trial.

Trials are approximately 60 minutes per service.

*Please bear in mind that trials will take place in the corresponding state in which services will be contracted for the wedding day. Specifically, if the wedding is taking place in MD, the trial will take place in our Baltimore, MD studio. If your wedding is taking place in the DC/VA area,  the trial will take place in the Vienna, VA studio. If your wedding is taking place in the South Carolina, your trial will take place at our Charleston, SC studio.  Lastly, any weddings in Cambridge, St. Michaels or any coastal beach area, your trial will take place in our Salisbury, MD studio location. 


The Fine Print

The Fine Print

We have a 4 person minimum per service

In order to reserve our services, we require at least 4 people for hair and/or 4 people for makeup. If you would like to book BOTH hair and makeup services, 4 people must be booked for hair and 4 people must be booked for makeup, totaling 8 services. Please note, mixing and matching services to equal 8 services total (for example, 6 hair services and 2 makeup services) does not meet our required minimum. 

You can book hair ONLY or makeup ONLY.

Unable to meet our minimum?  Please email us directly.


We reserve dates on a first come, first serve basis with a signed contract and a non-refundable $250 deposit. The deposit is a retainer for the wedding date, hairstylist and/or makeup artist, and licensing and administration fees. The deposit is applied towards the contract total. You may complete the contract prior to or following a trial.

Travel Fee: 60 minutes of travel (round-trip) is included in our pricing. Every fifteen minutes thereafter will be charged at a rate of $25 round-trip based on Google Maps. Don't worry! We don't count in traffic. We plan ahead for that. 

Two Ways To Move Forward

Trial First, Reserve Wedding Second

Would you like to meet us first? Sounds great! Let's set up a time for you to come in and meet your artist(s). 

If you are happy with our services and would like to move forward, we will prepare a digital contract for you to reserve the date. 

Bear in mind that your date is NOT reserved until we receive your signed contract and deposit. 

Reserve Wedding First, Trial Second

Ready to reserve your wedding date? Fabulous! Let us know and we will prepare your digital contract and e-mail you directly. Once we receive your signed contract and the non-refundable $250 deposit, we are officially booked! 

We can schedule your trial as we get closer to your wedding.


IMPORTANT: Your wedding day will NOT be reserved until we receive a signed contract and a non-refundable $250 deposit. 


Let's Save The Date

Let's Save The Date

We're so excited to work with you! 


The fastest way to communicate with us is via email!

Please allow up to 24 hours during business hours for our response. 


 If you'd like to speak on the phone with us, please email us directly to schedule a phone call conference.

We look hearing from you!




How many services meet the required minimum? 

Can I mix and match services to meet the 8 required minimum?

Nope! If you would like to book BOTH hair and makeup services, 4 people must be booked for hair and 4 people must be booked for makeup, totaling 8 services. Mixing and matching services to equal 8 services total (for example, 6 hair services and 2 makeup services) does not meet our required minimum. 

Can we book hair only or makeup only?

Yes!  You can contract hair services only OR makeup services only.

Can I book for the minimum of 4 services and add additional services later?

Yes! You can add any services to your contract at any time.

If you are contracted for hair services only and would like to add makeup services to your contract (or vice versa), we would be happy to accommodate your request based on the company's availability.


Sure! We can cancel services at any time however cancellations fees may apply.

Services cancelled within 90 days of the event date are charged a 50% cancellation fee. Services cancelled within 60 days of the event date are charged a 100% cancellation fee.

Can I cancel services from my contract?

How many artists will work my wedding?

As we specialize in weddings, all of our training and education is directed to handling large parties in a shorter amount of time. We typically send out one hairstylist and one makeup artist per wedding.  If you would prefer to add an additional artist to provide services on the day of your wedding, this option is available for an additional fee. 

Are prices for brides the same as for bridesmaids?

Yes! The rate is the same for the bride as it is for the bridesmaids. It is our way of trying to keep costs down for the bride since the bride typically comes in for a trial which involves separate fees paid at the time of the trial. 

Is there a reduced rate/styling fee for shorter hair and/or less complex makeup looks?

The styling fee is a flat rate. It covers all hair lengths, textures and desired styles as well skin completions/types and desired looks. 

How much time does each service take?

Services are customized for each bride and her bridal party, but the average time per person is 20-40 minutes per service.

We encourage you to look at our WeddingWire reviews where previous brides mention how we have accommodated larger bridal parties within a smaller timeframe. 

Yes!  The artists that you meet with at your trial will also work with you on your wedding day. 

Will the artists at my trial be the same artists on my wedding day?

How should I plan out the hair and makeup timeline?

Upon completion of your contract, we will help you determine the arrival time based on your headcount and requested services. 

In our experience, we have found time-specific schedules do not always go as planned. Each individual will take a different amount of time depending on her individual needs and desired style. Sometimes, if one service runs past the specific scheduled time, it may cause stress for those still waiting to receive services. Additionally, if one service finishes early and the next person does not think she has to arrive until her allotted start time, it can put us behind.

We want you to be able to relax and hang out with your girls and not be worried about who is late for her "appointment." We recommend creating a schedule in chronological order instead of a time-specific schedule. For example, this person is first for hair, this person is second for makeup and so on. Here's an example:


A chronological schedule will alleviate stress and allow us to stay on track with timing while still being flexible.  If one bridesmaid went to grab coffee, no problem!  We can switch her to later in the rotation.  The lineup will flow easier this way and makes for a much more relaxing morning.  It's your day!  You want you to enjoy it! 

Do you offer hair and makeup for engagement or maternity sessions?

Yes! We would be honored to celebrate with you each step of the way! We offer on-site and in-studio options for engagement, maternity and family sessions. For more information on these sessions, view our rates!