This past week we had the pleasure of visiting Natalie at her gorgeous studio, The Loft in Clipper Mill. We were greeted in her adorable space with fresh water infused with yummy frozen clementines. Meeting Natalie and learning about her business was certainly the highlight of our month. After growing our brows out for 2 weeks, we couldn't wait to jump into her chair and learn about her services (which are awesome for brides)! We started out with a cleanse, followed by an application of her custom blended oil which helps soften the hair. We discussed the shape of the brow by going over measurements for our specific features and what the best design for our face would be. Next up was a relaxing and non-painful removal of the hair using a microtweezing method. After the brow design and clean up was completed, Natalie whipped up a personalized henna coloring. The henna was painted onto the brow and left on for 10 minutes. Once the henna was removed, our brows looked bold yet natural. There was no pain and the whole experience was extremely enjoyable. Waking up the next day, our daily makeup application and routine was cut in half and we loved that our brows had a beautiful design, were softly filled in and didn't need any attention at all. Ideally, this service can be repeated every 4-6 weeks. We loved that this service could be for women of any age and any skin tone.  It can help someone who has great brows and needs just a little attention or someone who needed extreme definition and consistent coloring. Do you fill your brows in everyday? This is for you! 


Check out our before and after! With only 2 weeks of growth time, the dramatic difference is clear.