Would you love to have longer, fuller hair? Sometimes growing your hair takes a lot of time and patience. Some women experience the frustration of their hair not growing past a certain length.  Learn how to transform your hair by adding multiple inches of length and nearly tripling the density in just a few hours. 

Up Do's For I Do's is now offering semi-permanent warm fusion extension application services. SHE Hair by So.Cap is a premier distributor of hair extensions, supplying only the finest quality of 100% human hair, which can be blown dry, flat ironed, and curled. With over 70 colors, 3 textures, and 3 length options, we are sure to match your hair flawlessly. Each 1/4-inch wide "strand" of hair is bonded by melting the keratin tip and gently rolling it around a small section of hair.  Keratin is the same protein human hair is made of, so there is no glue or adhesive that would cause damage to your hair. With proper care and maintenence,  you can have long, luxurious locks for up to 6 months. 

Many of our brides chose hairstyles that can be enhanced by having hair extensions. Updos become fuller and have more texture, while a down style could flow beautifully without the limitations of the bride's natural length. Extensions hold curl remarkably, so brides can rest easy if their own hair is curl resistant. Lasting through the honeymoon and beyond, the investment goes one step further. 

The addition of this service is not just for the benefit of those prepping for their big day. We would love to see our past brides, family, and friends take advantage of this opportunity to have long, full hair almost instantly. 

Hair Extensions before and after

For more information, email us at info@updosforidos.com Pricing starts at $300.00.