January 8th

Washington, D.C. Great Bridal Expo 12pm - 4 pm

Salisbury, MD Delmarva Bridal Showcase 12pm - 4pm

January 29th

Annapolis, MD What's Up? Wedding Bridal Expo 1pm - 4pm

February 4th + 5th

Baltimore, MD Baltimore Wedding Experience at the Convention Center

Saturday 5pm-9pm Sunday 11am - 4pm

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February 11th

Lutherville, MD Cloisters Open House 11am - 3pm

Washington, D.C. The Fairmont Hotel - Bride & Groom Unveiled - 11:30am - 3:30pm

February 24th

Ellicott City, MD Turf Valley's Wedding Extravaganza 5:30pm - 9pm

March 30th

Baltimore, MD American Visionary Art Museum 5:30pm - 8pm

April 6th

Baltimore, MD Baltimore Bride's Aisle Style at the Four Seasons 5:30pm - 8:30pm

April 9th

Ocean City, MD Rox Beach Bridal Show at Seacrets 1pm - 4pm