Check out Carnival Makeup Kit for a steal at $3.99 The dark, oil based paints come with a brush and small sponge for easy application. The results from the blue and black shades were impressive!

Double the price at $7.99, upgrade to the Madame Butterfly Kit.

These petroleum jelly and glitter base paints offered extremely light shades, which required us to layer the makeup on our model. The kit included just one brush, and after several attempts at painting our model’s face with the brush, we gave up and used our fingers. Although the kit provided a stencil and black liner, our pro makeup artist experienced difficulty using the stencil and discovered that the liner wasn’t very durable or easy to use.

Our $3.99 purchase left our model feeling like she could wear the makeup until the wee hours following her Halloween party. It was more comfortable than the $7.99 kit, which felt like it would wear off before the party ended.

1. With the Madame Butterfly Kit, we found that the stencil was hard to place, not incredibly creative and it smeared the paint. 2 and 3. We nixed the brush applicator that was included in the kit and instead dipped the end of our makeup brush directly into the paint and applied it to the skin.

4. The final look using pro-makeup brushes and the Carnival Makeup Kit.

5. The final look using pro-makeup brushes and the Madame Butterfly Kit.

Given price difference, we had a tough time choosing one over the other. Our artists combined the two brands and discovered that this provided the best results. Instead of using the brushes, sponges and stencils provided in the kits, we dug into our makeup bag for pro brushes and used our own creativity! Bonus: Both products wash off super easy!