Green is all the buzz, so how does saving the Earth fit into your wedding day? According to Kate Harrison, founder of The Green Bride Guide, an average American wedding creates 400 to 600 pounds of garbage and 63 tons of carbon dioxide - which is the equivalent of 8.3 million non-hybrid cars on the road for a year! But it's easier than you think to go eco-chic with your Big Day, and it doesn't mean you have to be hippie-dippie.Some easy ways to go green and save money on your wedding: * Use local vendors, especially for flowers. Over 80% of flowers sold in the USA are imported from other continents! * If you don't need more "stuff", skip the gift registry and set up a custom registry to allow guests to help pay for your honeymoon or other experiences. Try or

* Skip favors and donate to a charity. Karma points! * Ask if your caterer can recycle cans/bottles and compost food leftovers. If they can't compost, ask if they will pack up leftovers for guests to take home. Waste not, want not. * Need a gift for bridesmaid? Treat them to their hair & make-up services. Feeling beautiful in pictures is better than any trinket you can give them. * When considering your menu, look for bakers and caterers offering local, organic choices. Many local wines and beer are also delicious for your bar. Meatless meals are highly eco-sustainable and great money-savers, too. Maryland Wine Guide Maryland Breweries Virginia Wineries Delaware Wineries and Breweries

* Try on vintage or upcycled dresses. Allow wedding party members to wear nice clothing they already own in coordinated shades. I Do I Do Wedding Gowns * Cut down on paper usage any way you can. For required paper, select recycled stock. Green Paper Studio * Host your event at one location, closest to where all your guests live. The less traveling folks have to do, the better for them financially - and it's safer! Every little bit you do is helpful, so don't believe that only doing one or two things doesn't matter!

A big thank you to Rissa Miller with Balance Photography for sharing these eco tips and photos!

Lori's bridal portrait showcases a local flower bridal bouquet by Local Color Flowers and a second-hand wedding dress purchased at I Do I Do Wedding Gowns. Her mother’s wedding rings adorn the bouquet. Hair and makeup by Up Do's For I Do’s.

Shot at Thorpewood in Thurmont, Maryland during a bridal portrait, this Local Color Flowers bouquet echoes warm, fall colors.

Guests enjoyed a delectable meatless entree during Up Do’s For I Do’s makeup artist, Amanda's reception at Casa Marina in Key West, Florida.