‘Tis the season of giving, gifting and receiving! While wrapping your gifts, tune into some of your favorite holiday music, sip some hot cocoa, and choose eco-friendly options to adorn all of your gifts. While we are big fans of recycling last year’s gift bags, show off your artistic talents give these personalized and creative ideas a try:

(1) Use cereal boxes to cut into shapes, glue scrapbook paper onto them, and use as gift tags.

(2) We’re fond of spray painting brown paper bags with a festive hue and then stamping snowflakes when the paint dries!

(3) Use last week’s newspaper combined with a bright, contrastive colored ribbon.

(4) Found a bunch of ribbon that looks a little too wrinkled to use? Set your flat iron on the lowest setting and run over strands of ribbon!

(5) Wrap cereal boxes after filling with Dad’s new dress shirt. After wrapping, use a tie in place of ribbon. Super manly!

Recycle old flower vases by leaving them transparent and wrapping a ribbon around the neck.

Not sure how to dress up the present? Use nature to customize and personalize the gift. Incorporate cinnamon sticks, pinecones or freshly baked goodies wrapped in a cellophane bag fastened to the top of the package.

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Images: Pinterest.com