Because pictures are permanent, enhance your “Eye-Do’s” by adding lashes. Longer, fuller lashes resulting in a subtle transformation are instantly achieved with eyelash extensions. Customize your look by choosing from a variety of colors, textures and lengths. We’re not just splitting hairs, we’re breaking down the options!

Nova Lashes - A “full set” is applied once a year and 4 week touch ups are recommended due to natural loss and natural growth of the lash.  A trained specialist uses adhesives to intricately apply each individual lash. Appointments may take between 1-3 hours depending on expected results. Long- lasting medical- grade lash extension.

Strip Lashes - One time use with lashes that are pre-applied to a strip. Glue is applied to the strip base and then placed along the natural lash line. There are many styles of strip lashes to choose from and the application process takes a few minutes. They can also easily be taken off after worn by simply lifting the base of the strip from the lash line.

Individual Lashes - One time use with lashes that can be found in small clusters of 2-3. Glue is applied to the individual lash cluster as well as the natural lash so that it can bond within the natural growth of your lashes. These are great because they give the artist more control over the desired outcome of your finished look. A few clusters can be placed along the eye to fill out any areas where natural lash growth is sparse. Some prefer to place a few at the tip of the lash line to finish the dramatic “cat eye” look. Depending on the amount of clusters that need to be applied this application can take between 5- 15 minutes and can easily be removed OR you can allow them to fall out as the glue becomes less adhesive and enjoy your full lashes for about 1-2 days after application.

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