Ashley and Gabriel

I came home from a long day at work and opened the door to a dark condo, glowing from the light of over 60 candles. As I peered into my home, I gazed upon the countless pictures, candles, cards, floral leaves and more than five dozen flowers creating a runway for my heart to follow. Looking more closely, I noticed hand written notes I wrote to him, tickets stubs to events we attended, like a Broadway show and the opera, and other mementos we shared in our years together. As Gabriel slowly came into view, I began to hear a soft romantic melody playing in the background and noticed that he was dressed in my favorite suit and tie, looking incredibly handsome. The adjacent counter-top was another picture collage surrounded by more candles, along with an additional dozen red roses separated in two mirrored vases, with a sparkling, diamond ring lovingly placed in front of an “I <3 U” picture, which we wrote together in the sand. Gabriel got down on bended knee and requested of me, “Ashley, will you marry me?” Later that evening, he took me to the restaurant where we had our first date where he had prepared the staff in advance, and they came over with a surprise “Congratulations!” and glasses of champagne to celebrate our engagement!

Meagan and Brian

In 2010, Brian and I attended an exhibit at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in D.C. with some mutual friends. The Corcoran Gallery is my favorite of the D.C. museums as it holds my favorite painting of all time, Luncheon of the Boating Party, by Renoir.

In 2012, Brian and I [revisited] the Corcoran around 11 in the morning and paid for our tickets. When you enter the museum they make you check any big bags you have at the door and Brian had to check his camera bag he had been carrying around. I didn't suspect anything of it but he was clearly flustered with having to part with his bag. When we ended up in front of my favorite painting I sat on the bench and Brian knelt down in front of me and pulled out a black box from his pocket! He said that he knew three years ago when we first came to the gallery together that I was the girl he wanted to marry and that he wanted to propose in front of this painting.

Liz and Brad

What started with a Facebook message from an old college friend in 2011 is going to culminate with I do’s in the nation’s capital in 2015. They fell in love living 300 miles apart with tearful goodbyes after long weekends visiting each other as often as possible. After what seemed like an eternity Brad was able to get a job in Maryland in August 2012 and move down to start their lives together. Fast forward to summer of 2013 where Brad sweated it out in the DC humidity on their balcony waiting for Liz to get home to propose. Despite being 30 minutes late and then freezing at the balcony entrance unable to say anything other than “Oh my god” Liz finally realized what was happening as Brad promised to love her forever and through the tears she uttered a resounding “Yes!” Next stop is the Carnegie Institute of Science on May 15, 2015 and a celebration of their love with all their family and friends!

Jackie and Matt2

Jackie and Matt

My lovely fiancé Matt had been planning the proposal for weeks. He was heading out for deployment with his Marine battalion, and I was heading to Italy for a year of graduate school. He took leave time to stay with me in DC and help me pack my apartment. We ended up at my going away happy hour, with all of my coworkers and friends in DC. That was when he finally screwed up the courage to ask me to marry him. I was floored! I couldn’t believe that was what he had been up to. The best part is, even though we have been a world apart for most of our engagement, we know we are stronger than the distance. Planning the wedding overseas has only brought us closer together.

Ginger and Tyler

As a couple, we'd agreed to have a low-key Valentine's day with dinner reservations at our usual spot - the restaurant where we had our first date and celebrated our one-year anniversary - for later that evening due to his work schedule. When he got to my apartment, MUCH earlier than expected, I had just gotten out of the shower, complete with bathrobe, un-fixed hair, and absolutely no makeup. I thought he was acting a little strange, and wasn't sure what was going on, and turned to go get ready for dinner when he blurted out, "I need to give you this first!" I turned back to him and he was down on one knee, with the ring, looking a little more than nervous. My first words were far from movie-perfect, "Are we really doing this? I'm in my bathrobe! Did you ask my dad?" He assured me he was sure, that he thought I looked great, that yes, he did indeed ask my father, and I mumbled out a 'yes' in between tears. I love the fact that he literally couldn't wait to ask me to marry him - not even until our dinner reservations, or until I had my hair and makeup perfect. I know he loves me without hair and makeup, but I can't wait to get dolled up for our big day.

Alex and Jesse

I had a trip planned to Orlando with my mom, sister and a couple of friends to run the Disney Princess half marathon. We had ordered tutus with the colors of favorite princess, mine was yellow for Belle. Jesse was suppose to be home with our dog for the weekend, he even had one of his friends check him in at a bar on Facebook to throw me off! A couple of friends met my mom, sister and me at the finish line and suggested we go over to where the music was. On the way there my friend spotted someone dressed up as a beast and insisted I needed to take a picture. This "beast" turned around and handed me a rose, it wasn't until he took his hat off and started to get down on one knee that I realized what was happening!! I think I blacked out at that point because I have no clue what was said, I was in complete shock! After a lot of hugs, my mom then requested the band play "Jesse's Girl" and we spent the rest of the weekend celebrating!