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UpDos Celebrates 15 Years

15 Things We’ve Learned in 15 Years

  1. A wedding day is a day that our clients countdown years, months and days to. Even though we do hundreds of weddings each year, we still get butterflies the night before because we care that much about each wedding.

  2. Each bride, bridesmaid and mother of the bride are completely unique and allowed their own opinion. Dad’s opinion is usually the most spot on.

  3. Volunteering makes the world go round. Dedicate a part of your life to giving back.

  4. Trends will come and go but the love we see between our couples is where the real passion for our job comes from.

  5. It’s OK to be wrong. If you are wrong, apologize and offer a solution to make it right.

  6. Surround yourself with positive energy. Clearing the negative energy will do drastic things for your life, wedding planning and the overall vibe.

  7. The thing that never changes is that we are always changing. Adapt, grow and create to better yourself and the people you surround yourself with.

  8. You can never know everything about your trade. Educate, educate, educate!

  9. Before Instagram and Pinterest, brides would bring in magazines as inspiration. There is something special about a magazine that you can hold especially when our work graces the cover and pages.

  10. Don’t drink too much the night before. Throwing up while your eyelash glue is drying is never classy.

  11. If you aren’t into sharing your life online, that is okay. Put the phone away and be present. You won’t regret it later when looking through professional photos of you having fun!

  12. Just because a style is on trend doesn’t mean you need to rock it. Do what makes you feel most beautiful but you’ll never catch us styling a mullet!

  13. When on-site, watch what music you are listening to. Grandma may not appreciate Post Malone or Nelly however she may be able to rap that one Biggie song.

  14. Never confuse an Instagram filter and real life.

  15. To date, we’ve provided services for over 3700 weddings! We are forever grateful for our brides and their trust in our talent.

Many thanks to the fabulous vendors that helped make our celebration a huge success!


Lemon and Lime Event Design

Madison Short Photography

Mosaic Nightclub

Reel Media

DJ Special K

MLC Designs

Washington Talent

Elena Fay Fashion Illustrator

Sentimental Fools

Charleston Grand Opening - October 2018

It is hard to believe a month has already passed since our Grand Opening in Charleston. The gorgeous coastal town has welcomed our team and company with open arms. We’re forever grateful for the Southern hospitality! Traveling to the gorgeous homes, plantations and venues has provided us with a breath of fresh air.

Many thanks to all of the vendors and sponsors that contributed to this amazing evening:

Intrigue Design and Events took full control in the planning and design process. They executed the flawless experience each guest had and helped our team partner with local vendors.

The exotic Cannon Green served as the lush backdrop for our “Miami meets Vegas” themed party!

Up Dos For I Dos-0035.jpg
Up Dos For I Dos-0048.jpg

Kelly Vann Calaway Photography captured each detail perfectly!

Up Dos For I Dos-0177.jpg

If you didn’t see the video above, scroll back up! Tyler from Copahee Media had free reign and delivered footage that allows our readers to feel as if they were at the event themselves!

Up Dos For I Dos-0176.jpg

Roadside Blooms BLEW us away with their talent, creativity and all while capturing the essence of our celebration!

Up Dos For I Dos-0081.jpg
Up Dos For I Dos-0188.jpg

Dana surprised guests with her contagious energy and incredible moves!

Up Dos For I Dos-0171.jpg

As guests entered the garden lined entry, they were greeted by Molly’s infectious smile and towering headpiece.

Up Dos For I Dos-0065.jpg

Our custom glass from The Design Wave was front and center!

A percentage of each sale was donated (and matched by UpDos For I Dos) to help The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation find a cure!

Thank you to Cinderollies

Up Dos For I Dos-0029.jpg
Up Dos For I Dos-0022.jpg
Up Dos For I Dos-0009.jpg
Up Dos For I Dos-0163.jpg

This event would not have been possible without the talent and dedication from our team! Thank you Kara, Lauren, Cheryl and Mel!

Up Dos For I Dos-0199.jpg

In the Community: Mercy Medical Center 2017

Did you know our team routinely provides makeovers for patients undergoing cancer treatments at Mercy Medical Center. Together, we discover that styling their wigs, re-creating their eyebrows and adding eyelashes to their beautiful faces brings a smile to ours! We also enjoyed pampering the incredible staff who care for them.