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Now Stylin': Florida

Now Stylin': Florida

UpDos For I Dos Continues Southbound Expansion to Florida

Our award-winning services are now available to brides and their bridal parties in Northeastern Florida, including Jacksonville and St. Augustine. The expansion is perfectly timed for the upcoming 2019 wedding season in this popular U.S. wedding destination.  

Trial applications for our #floridabrides are held prior to the wedding day in our St. Augustine studio located on Cathedral Place. Wedding day services are provided on-site, at the bride’s choice of location.

UpDos For I Dos continues to be nationally recognized for its stellar reputation in the wedding industry and is rapidly gaining momentum as a top choice in on-site beauty services for brides.

   Contact us today to schedule a trial or book our fabulous team for your Florida wedding! 


Featured Images + Video: Bowtie Photo

Hair + Makeup: Haley and Rachael

Locations: Downtown St. Augustine + Jacksonville Beach

Florals: Floriade 904.241.1000

Bridal Gown: Love Boutique (Theia and Robert Bullock)

Models: Elizabeth Baldwin, Mary Schubert and Ashley Mercer

Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

Hair Accessories: Twig & Honey


Now Styling: Charleston, South Carolina

Now Styling: Charleston, South Carolina

UpDos For I Dos announces expansion to the nation’s most popular wedding destination.

On-site bridal beauty services are now available in Charleston, South Carolina. This marks the fourth location for UpDos For I Dos. Our company works with brides, bridal parties and other wedding professionals to ensure a harmonious preparation for the wedding day celebration.  

Trial applications for our #southernbrides are held prior to the wedding day in our Charleston studio, located on Meeting Street in the heart of the historic district. Wedding day services are provided on-site, at the bride’s choice of location. The company’s goal is to ensure that every bride and her bridal party receive unparalleled services with customized applications and that their styles remain flawless from the first kiss to the last dance.  

   Contact us today to schedule a trial or book our fabulous team for your #lowcountry wedding! 

CHS Studio

Featured Images: Lauren Myers Photography

Video: Reel Media

Hair + Makeup: Ashley and Lauren

Venue: Old Wide Awake Plantation

Rentals: Snyder Events

Florals: Wildflowers, Inc.

Bridal Gown: Coastal Knot - Hayley Paige "Raegan" Gown

Models: Allie, Olivia, Shana and Takeyla

Baker: Ashley Brown Cake Designs

Whoopie Pies: Makin Whoopie Pies

Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie

Calligraphy: Megan James of Pine and Pen

Decor: Homegoods + Crate and Barrel

Hair Accessories: Hair Comes the Bride

Paper Suite: Basic Invite

Shoes: Bella Bell Shoes

In The Studio: Upcoming Events


January 8th

Washington, D.C. Great Bridal Expo 12pm - 4 pm

Salisbury, MD Delmarva Bridal Showcase 12pm - 4pm

January 29th

Annapolis, MD What's Up? Wedding Bridal Expo 1pm - 4pm

February 4th + 5th

Baltimore, MD Baltimore Wedding Experience at the Convention Center

Saturday 5pm-9pm Sunday 11am - 4pm

Email us for FREE tickets!

February 11th

Lutherville, MD Cloisters Open House 11am - 3pm

Washington, D.C. The Fairmont Hotel - Bride & Groom Unveiled - 11:30am - 3:30pm

February 24th

Ellicott City, MD Turf Valley's Wedding Extravaganza 5:30pm - 9pm

March 30th

Baltimore, MD American Visionary Art Museum 5:30pm - 8pm

April 6th

Baltimore, MD Baltimore Bride's Aisle Style at the Four Seasons 5:30pm - 8:30pm

April 9th

Ocean City, MD Rox Beach Bridal Show at Seacrets 1pm - 4pm

In The Studio: Glamping with Girl Scouts

In The Studio: Glamping with Girl Scouts

This past weekend, Up Do's For I Do's had the honor of hosting 16 Girl Scouts for a Glamping session. The girls earned patches as they learned how to braid hair, practice their yoga positions and work together with arts and crafts. We topped off our time together with a pancake breakfast!

In The Studio: Now Offering H&MU for Photoshoots!

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering hair and makeup for photoshoots!

In-studio or on-site.

Weekday and weekends available. 

Email us for pricing and additional information! 

Fridays at 5

Every third Friday of the month is reserved for a fabulous festival that celebrates the local businesses of downtown Salisbury.  Located on W. Main Street, locals can expect to find antiques, restaurants, children's activities and crafters. The area is alive with fantastic specials, incredible entertainment and extravagant art. Perfect for a fun date night or family outing!

Come visit our booth on N Division Street! We are offering braided hairstyles and lip gloss samples!

Next Event Date: Friday, October 21, 2016

Time: 5PM - 8PM

Festival Location: N. Division Street

Admission: Free

For more information, visit

In The Studio: Hair Extensions

Would you love to have longer, fuller hair? Sometimes growing your hair takes a lot of time and patience. Some women experience the frustration of their hair not growing past a certain length.  Learn how to transform your hair by adding multiple inches of length and nearly tripling the density in just a few hours. 

Up Do's For I Do's is now offering semi-permanent warm fusion extension application services. SHE Hair by So.Cap is a premier distributor of hair extensions, supplying only the finest quality of 100% human hair, which can be blown dry, flat ironed, and curled. With over 70 colors, 3 textures, and 3 length options, we are sure to match your hair flawlessly. Each 1/4-inch wide "strand" of hair is bonded by melting the keratin tip and gently rolling it around a small section of hair.  Keratin is the same protein human hair is made of, so there is no glue or adhesive that would cause damage to your hair. With proper care and maintenence,  you can have long, luxurious locks for up to 6 months. 

Many of our brides chose hairstyles that can be enhanced by having hair extensions. Updos become fuller and have more texture, while a down style could flow beautifully without the limitations of the bride's natural length. Extensions hold curl remarkably, so brides can rest easy if their own hair is curl resistant. Lasting through the honeymoon and beyond, the investment goes one step further. 

The addition of this service is not just for the benefit of those prepping for their big day. We would love to see our past brides, family, and friends take advantage of this opportunity to have long, full hair almost instantly. 

Hair Extensions before and after

For more information, email us at Pricing starts at $300.00. 

In The Studio: Preparing For A Successful Trial

The Ways, Woes, and Wonder of Wedding Hair and Makeup:

How inspirational photos can help or hurt your hair and makeup trial

The day is finally here, you have your ideal dress, the flowers have been delivered, and the cake looks delicious.  But before you tie the knot with your perfect partner, what do you need to know about how to create stunning wedding pictures that will last a lifetime?
Before the big day, you should always have a hair and makeup trial to ensure you capture the exact wedding look you want.  It is always helpful to gather some inspirational pictures to bring to your hair and makeup artists.

MTI Photograpy

MTI Photograpy


The Ways Inspiration Photos Can Help:

Photos can help you communicate to a hair stylist what type of wave or curl you like. If the photographed hair is super curly and you don’t like that, it’s a great way to show your artist what to avoid.  If the hair has just the right amount of wave or includes a rustic braid, it’s good to have an image to translate your thoughts. In addition to the type of texture, photos can help determine the amount of height or fullness.

The Woes of Inspiration Photos:

Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration photos, but there are a few things you should know before settling on your style! 

Oftentimes, models or featured brides have extensions in their hair which will affect the look.  

Also, highlights and multi-tone coloring can make hairstyles photograph much differently than a person with a solid or one-tone hair color.  Be sure to discuss these options with your stylist to see what would realistically work best for you! 

Now let’s talk about hair jewelry!  It’s much easier to see an accessory in someone’s hair versus just buying it off a website. Be sure to try out some different pieces to see how it looks and holds in your hair. 

One of our favorite websites to purchase hair accessories is Hair Comes the Bride.  See something you like? Use our discount code: updosforidos to enjoy 10% off!
The Wonder of Inspiration Photos:

Here are some simple tips and tricks for a successful hair trial:

DO bring in photos with similar hair color and texture as your own.  What is your hair’s natural state? If you have fine and very straight hair, ask your stylist about the best option for a long-lasting style.  It also helps to choose models with a similar face shape.

DON’T get a haircut or color the day before your wedding!  We suggest that you have your cut and color in mind when you meet with your stylist for your trial.

KEEP IN MIND the style and neckline of your dress.  Wear a shirt that is similar to your dress color and neckline during your trial. An oversized sweater, turtleneck, or collared shirt may not look well with your wedding hair.

Also, while weather can be unpredictable, it is important to consider it when determining your hairstyle.  Are you getting married on a windy beach or in a beautiful church?  To prevent frizz, flyaways, and fiascos, consider how these conditions can impact how your hair holds and what style might work best!

Kimberly Brooke Photography

Kimberly Brooke Photography


 The Ways Inspiration Photos Can Help:


Are you looking for a dramatic or more natural look for your wedding makeup?  Are the colors you are attracted to matte or dewy?  Are you thinking lipstick or a gloss?  Inspiration photos are great for deciding on your basic coloring and overall look. A professional makeup artist can look at a photo and notice the “feel” that you are going for. 

The Woes of Inspiration Photos:

Again, Pinterest is an awesome place to find some makeup inspiration for your wedding, but be aware of the pitfalls of Pinterest!

Nearly 90% of online photos are Photoshopped or have a filter! The digital retouching can alter skin texture as well as wrinkles, pores, and blemishes.  We love our Instagram filters as much as the next person, but we want you to look just as glamorous with #nofilter!

Each face shape and feature is unique. What might look good on Kim Kardashian may not work for you.  

Eye shapes play a major role in makeup applications. The photo you may be attracted to might be pretty on the model’s eyes but if we used the same technique on your eye shape, it could close your eyes, create unnatural shape, or even make you look tired!  

Skin tones and underlying skin tones vary from person to person. The model in the photo may have a yellow hue to their skin where you may have a pink hue. The colors used on her skin may clash with your natural coloring. 

While the eyes may pop in a photo, consider that the model may have eyelash extensions or false lashes applied. 
The Wonder of Inspiration Photos:

Here are some simple tips and tricks for a successful makeup trial:

DO Use photos as inspiration for the amount of makeup you’d like to wear.  Are you going for a Hollywood starlet look or chic country bride?  Also, be sure to ask your artist what features they would enhance when discussing your makeup.  Work with your best assets, not against them!

DON’T go overboard with something new that will drastically change your look!  Remember that this is for a wedding day and the photos will be in your family for years.  Maybe you should save that fun glitter lipstick for the bachelorette party! 

KEED IN MIND that a professional camera will take off 50% of makeup when photographed. The makeup in the photos is much heavier in person.  You might also want to consider lashes to open your eyes and make them pop in photos!


To make hair and makeup trial appointments, click here to contact us.  We would love to help make your wedding day perfect!