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Love It or Lose It

Love It or Lose It: Get Glossy

We LOVE Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Gloss Drops. Priced at $18.98, this deal can’t be beat! Smooth a pea sized amount over your ends to keep hair soft and silky, but not oily!

For just a few dollars more, TIGI’s Party Hard certainly left our hair feeling soft, but we found if we used too much, it weighed our locks down. We also needed to add additional product which left us using the entire bottle more quickly.


Love It or Lose It: Threading or Waxing?

In case you haven’t noticed, eyebrows are making a big beauty statement! Do you know the best way to achieve perfectly defined, well groomed brows to balance your facial features and frame your eyes? Here we compare two of the most popular methods for getting those brows into shape.

Waxing typically has a longer period in between regrowth, but it also removes the first layer of skin and can cause burning, redness, and possible delayed breakouts.

We opt for framing your peepers with eyebrow threading which leaves your skin with less irritation and redness. This method of hair removal which originated in India about six-thousand years ago, uses cotton thread instead of chemical ingredients, making it a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin or who are using Retin-A type products.

Love It or Lose It: Nail Trends

We’re in love with Gelish Polish. No worries about smudging a nail since it dries instantly after being cured with a gel light. This long lasting mani also leaves you with perfect nails for up to 2 weeks.

The glitter application of Nail Rock was super messy! The instructions didn’t indicate that a top clear coat was necessary and the glitter fell off quickly after the application. This was more mess than it was worth.

Love It or Lose It: Some Of Our Favorites

If your styling skills aren’t equivalent to those of a pro hairstylist but you’re wishing you look like you’ve just left the salon, we recommend creating perfect waves with the Bio Ionic Style Winder. For $116, this foolproof wand allows you to adjust the type of curls your desiring. The Style Winder provides an option to place the iron on different sections of your hair (near the root, midshaft or at the end), and its ceramic barrel leaves hair feeling healthy and soft. A DVD and a stand which holds the winder when not in use are included in the package. Style Winder falls into our “Love It” category is because the actual rod rotates on it’s own, alleviating arm fatigue.

We’re losing the Nano Tapered Wand even with its budget friendly price of $59.99. Although many professionals prefer this tool, we found it more difficult for a user with little to no hair styling experience to control the hair as they attempted styling. The Nano Tapered Wand creates a tighter curl than the Style Winder, but is slightly more complex in design and may confuse the user as to the direction the hair should curl whereas the Style Winder does this automatically (the DVD helps too!). The most dangerous aspect of applying the heated Nano Tapered Wand near your head is that no rubber tip exists on the end and you must be skilled in using just one hand when styling with this tool.

Love It or Lose It: Lashes

We LOVE Bliss’ D/603 rhinestone lashes for a festive Halloween look. They deliver the WOW factor while remaining comfortable for a full night of celebrating All Hallows Eve. Don’t waste the extra bucks for Black Metallic Eyelashes. They were heavier, more difficult to apply, and less comfortable. They’re a big LOSE for us!