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2023 & 2024 Bridesmaids Makeup Trends

September 15, 2022

At Updos For I Dos, we understand the importance of makeup in each bridesmaids’ journey! The bride's big day calls for a look that is not just stunning but also aligned with the latest trends, and each bride's particular vision. We're here to explore the makeup trends that will grace weddings in 2023 and 2024, while keeping in mind the timeless classics that continue to captivate the world of wedding makeup!

Makeup Trends for Bridesmaids in General

Bridesmaids play an incredibly essential role in every wedding, and their makeup is a vital component! In recent years, we've seen a major shift towards a more natural look for bridesmaids, and we’ve absolutely loved seeing this! The "less is more" approach is gaining momentum, with makeup that enhances natural beauty while still appearing oh-so sophisticated. However, it's essential to remember that the bride has the final say in how makeup is applied and executed, ensuring the entire bridal party complements her vision!

The Seasons of Beauty

Weddings take place year-round, and bridesmaids tend to adapt their makeup looks to the season! In 2023 and 2024, bridesmaids can embrace the beauty of all seasons. Spring and summer weddings may call for lighter, pastel tones, while fall and winter weddings may emphasize deeper and warmer shades, especially when it comes to lip colors! Makeup artists should (and really must) be versatile to creating looks that match each wedding's unique atmosphere!

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Makeup Artistry in Application

Makeup application methods are constantly evolving, and will absolutely continue to do so! In recent years, makeup artists have seen trends like airbrushing, contouring, and highlighting techniques gain major popularity. These methods create a cohesive look that enhances each bridesmaid's natural beauty, ensuring they shine as a united and radiant group! Our Updos For I Dos artists typically apply some variation of contour and highlighting to each party member that they service as these techniques emphasize facial features and structure, and leave a beautifully constructed look. 

Skin Deep Beauty

We cannot harp on this enough, great makeup starts with great skincare! For all brides and bridesmaids, it's essential to follow a thorough skincare routine leading up to the wedding day. We always recommend consulting with a licensed esthetician or dermatologist, especially if you're considering new products. These appointments really need to begin about a year in advance of wedding day, especially if you have any skin concerns that need to be addressed! Most importantly, avoid trying new products or procedures too close to the wedding (one month or less away) to prevent any unexpected skin reactions! 

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Balancing Trends - Timeless vs. Recent Makeup Looks

While we celebrate the most recent makeup trends, there's always a place for timelessly classic makeup looks! Simple, elegant looks will never go out of style. In 2023 and 2024, expect to see bridesmaids donning both modern trends and enduring, classic makeup looks that complement any wedding theme.

Tailoring to Every Skin Tone and Type

Diverse application abilities are an absolutely key component when working in the beauty industry. Bridesmaids come in all shades, and makeup applications (and products) should be tailored to enhance each unique skin tone and type! Whether it's choosing the right foundation shade, eyeshadow colors, or lipstick hues, the goal is to help every bridesmaid feel her best and most beautiful!

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Emphasizing the Natural Glow

The 2023 and 2024 makeup trends emphasize enhancing natural features. The "no makeup" makeup look, perfectly fluffed yet groomed eyebrows, and a focus on enhanced cheeks with an emphasis on blush are all key components! The result is a radiant, fresh-faced appearance that lets each bridesmaid's individual beauty shine through.

Our Professional Perspective

At Updos For I Dos, we're not just makeup artists; we're your day-of BFF’s! We understand the importance of creating makeup looks that are not only professionally flawless, but that also reflect the joy and excitement of the wedding occasion. Our approach is to create and maintain a professional yet fun experience that ensures every bridesmaid, and any other member that sits in our makeup chairs, feels confident, comfortable, and absolutely beautiful!

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2023 & 2024 Wedding Makeup Trends

In the world of bridal makeup, staying in the know is essential! For bridesmaids in 2023 and 2024, embracing the natural and the trendy is the key to a successful and beautiful bridal party. At Updos For I Dos, we are committed to helping bridesmaids look and feel their best as they stand by the bride's side on her special day. We look forward to being a part of your bridal journey and creating unforgettable, timeless, and trendy makeup looks, and memories, that enhance your natural beauty!

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