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Upcoming 2023 Bridal Hair Trends

September 15, 2022

The bridal hairstyles of the last year were all winners in our book! Over the last year, we've seen brides lean towards more natural and effortless looks with a dash of glam. Whether it be an elaborate hairpiece, a simple yet chic bun, or an intricate braid, the most popular hairstyles will leave you swooning!

Looking forward to 2023, we anticipate some of these hairstyles to continue trending into the new year, such as glam waves, sophisticated buns or ponytails, and braided hairstyles that include stunning hair accessories. At Updos For I Dos, we love following the latest trends and reflecting on past styles. Bridal hair and makeup are constantly evolving and we strongly believe in the value of staying up-to-date with the latest trends, tricks, and education to provide our brides with the highest quality of bridal styling. Keep reading for our breakdown of the best bridal hair trends and our predictions of trending bridal hairstyles to come in 2023!

A Bridal Ponytail

We loved watching ponytails gain traction over the last year in the world of bridal hair! Ponytails are an incredibly versatile hairstyle option for brides as there are endless ways to style a pony. We've seen high-textured ponytails, low-chic ponytails, side-swept whimsical ponytails, and the list goes on and on!

In addition to versatility, we also love ponytails for personal comfort reasons. For example, we've worked with brides that feel most confident wearing their hair down, but for weather, or other purposes, are looking to wear their hair up on their wedding day. A ponytail is a fabulous option in this scenario as it can be styled to appear like you're wearing your hair down but provide you with the structure of a fully-up hairstyle.

We anticipate ponytails to continue trending with brides into 2023 and truly hope they do! They are so versatile and can compliment a wide range of wedding styles, it's a no-brainer winning bridal hairstyle option for us!

2023 Bridal Hair Trend - Side-swept whimsical pony
Hannah Baldwin Photography

Glam Wave

One of the hottest bridal hairstyle trends of 2022 was the Hollywood glam wave. This style gained traction with our vintage-inspired brides and has since translated into numerous wedding day settings. This is a sexy and sweet hairstyle and can be enhanced by adding a variety of different hairpieces; it's a very versatile look! This look is sure to turn heads while maintaining a timeless feel for years to come.

We predict this style will heavily trend into 2023 as it is a timeless hairstyle option for brides. To learn everything you need to know about the most fabulous Hollywood glam waves, check out our blog here!

2023 bridal hairstyle - Vintage glam waves
Bradley Images

Intricate Braids

Intricately braided hairstyles will forever be a staple in bridal hairstyling! Over the last year, we've seen some of the most stunning braided styles and have loved every variation of this look. These styles often fair on the soft and romantic side of the hairstyle spectrum and beautifully compliment almost any bridal gown.

Braided bridal hairstyles will always be a fabulous option for a wedding day, and we fully expect that bridal braids will continue to trend into and beyond 2023. Specifically, we predict that the long, intricate, and whimsical braided hairstyles (pictured below) will become increasingly popular with brides in 2023, and we're here for it!

Calvin Gavion Photography

2023 Bridal Hair Trends

Modern French Twist

When it comes to bridal hairstyles, there is no style more timeless than the French twist. In 2023, this classic look is being given a modern spin that is sure to be a hit! This look is slightly more relaxed and deconstructed than the traditional style, making it effortlessly chic. To add texture and interest to your hair, try pulling out small strands at the front of your face or add a stunning hair accessory!

2023 bridal hair trend - Modern french twist
Daniel Bostwick Photography

Tousled Half-up

Half-up hairstyles will forever be a popular and stunning option for brides and their bridal parties. In 2023, we anticipate "undone" half-up hairstyles to gain major traction as boho wedding vibes continue to trend. We love half-up hairstyles for their versatility and practicality; you can truly customize these styles to be as polished or tousled as you'd like!

Tousled half-up bridal hairstyle trend of 2023
Tousled half-up
Lily Larson Photography

Chic Updos

Chic updos gained popularity in 2022 and we expect to continue to see these styles trending into 2023 and beyond! A sleek updo is a stunning way to complement a sophisticated and classic wedding day. We love these hairstyles; there is something so elegant and sexy about a chic updo that we will never have enough of!

Trending bridal hairstyles - Chic low bun
We Are The Mitchells Photography

Bridal Hairstyle Trends

The bridal hairstyles of the last year were filled with a variety of stunning options, ranging from classic to modern. Reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the upcoming weddings, we anticipate some of these hairstyles to continue trending into the new year, and we're so excited to see the new 2023 bridal hair trends!

At the end of the day, the only thing that truly matters when selecting your bridal hairstyle is how you feel while you're wearing it. At Updos For I Dos, we want you to feel confident in your wedding day hair and makeup looks. When you feel like your most beautiful self, you carry yourself with the highest confidence and grace. We always encourage our Updos For I Dos brides to schedule a hair and makeup trial before their wedding day to ensure that they will love their looks on the big day! Not only will a trial allow you to become comfortable with your artists, but it will allow you to test out different styles and looks. Are you ready to book with us and schedule your hair and makeup trial with Updos For I Dos? Inquire with us today!