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A Brides Guide: The Perfect Wedding Day Shot List

September 15, 2022

Creating the perfect wedding day shot list is a necessary component of any wedding photographer’s pre-wedding planning! A good shot list should take into account both what the couple wants to have photographed as well as all the essential moments that should not be missed. Updos For I Dos has worked with over 6,000 brides since 2004; having collected albums from so many wedding days, we know what moments are an absolute must shoot and what moments are so fun to be able to reflect on.

There are certain moments that are always a must shoot on wedding days. Details shots, the first look with your groom, the first kiss as husband and wife, and your grande exit. While we absolutely love to see all of these moments, we love to see our couples and photographers branch out and get creative with typical wedding day shots! Continue reading for our breakdown of the shots that we think are a must for your wedding day!

Getting Ready: Champagne Pop and Confetti Shots

If you ask us, getting ready shots are a must for every wedding day shot list! This is such a magical and exciting time shared with your bridal party and often immediate family members too. Your wedding day is going to fly by; we wish we could slow time down! This is one of the many reasons we think it is so important to document your entire wedding day, beginning with your getting ready process.

Brittany Dunbar Photography

If you and your bride tribe are sipping on bubbly before you change into your dresses, bring an extra bottle to include as a photo prop! (TIP: some brides decorate this extra bottle of champagne to add pizazz!) We absolutely love a champagne pop photo; these pictures perfectly sum up such a fun morning spent with your besties. If you and your squad are sticking to water and coffee on the morning of your wedding and nixing the bubbly, bring confetti poppers for you and your bridal party!

All of The First Looks

Whether or not you're doing a first look (before the altar) with your groom, there are plenty of other options for first looks! We love to see brides have a first look with their bridal party; these adorable shots have gained popularity in the last year or so and we're here for it! Additionally, a sweet moment and first look to be documented, is the first look with your parents, dad, or other loved one. These moments are oh-so sweet and make us tear up every time! We guarantee you will be so happy you included this in your wedding day shot list.

Hannah Mink Photography

Fun Shots With Your Bridal Party

We truly could go on and on about all of the fun photo options for you to share with your bridal party! An all-time favorite shot of ours also falls under the getting ready category, and that is when our bride and her bride tribe jump on the bed. This is such a fun memory to create and capture and truly brings everyone back to that childlike excitement.

Carl Elixir Photography

Additionally, a new favorite pose of ours is photos of brides being lifted up by the groomsmen and/or their bridesmaids. To us, these photos show such raw joyous emotions, and we love when a moment like this is captured to cherish forever.

Salty Siren Photography

Our Favorite Bride and Groom Poses

Our favorite wedding day moments captured are always photos that show the newlywed couple having the time of their life, posed or not! In a nutshell, photographers typically plan for romantic couple shots, silly couple shots, and candid couple shots. We can't really pick a favorite in this category as we truly love each shot and pose for different reasons.

Romantic Couple Shots

These are intimate, beautiful poses that you will most likely frame and hang somewhere around your house! (PS. don't worry about feeling awkward in front of the camera! Be sure to book a wedding day photographer that you and your partner feel 100% comfortable with, and they will direct you on how to pose and feel natural.)

Tim Wes Photography

Silly Couples Shots

If you haven't noticed, we love fun photos that show off our couples' personalities. If you also haven't noticed, we love when brides are lifted into the air, so it's no surprise that the piggyback couple shots are one of our favorites!

Candid Couples Shots

The difference between candid and posed photos is just that; candid photos are not posed. There is something so special about looking through candid couples shots; instead of thinking about how you look when you swoon over a candid photo, you think about how you were feeling. We love to see couples' natural emotions captured on their wedding days, and we love that our couples are able to relive those most magical moments for forever. There is no specific candid photo "pose" that is our favorite, we just love to see couples soaking in everything and every moment on their best day.

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The Best Party Shots

If your wedding photographer likes to get down, you can rest assured that your reception party pictures will be absolutely incredible. The dancing, the drinks, the hairstyles and makeup looks staying fully flawless (wink wink), we love to see it all! (and so will you and your partner for years to come!)

Dani Leigh Photography

A few fun reception ideas we've seen over the years are props passed out for guests like glow sticks, party hats, custom sunglasses, or leis. But, our all-time favorite party moment to see captured is when a limbo party breaks out! Just like jumping on the bed, something about the limbo brings us back to yesteryear and we absolutely love to see this captured on wedding days.

Dani Leigh Photography

How To Create The Perfect Wedding Day Shot List?

Thankfully, creating the perfect wedding day shot list is mostly a job for your photographer. Your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your and your partner's lives; it totally deserves to be documented to a T! In the time leading up to your wedding day, as you see wedding inspiration photos come across your screens that you'd like to include in your wedding day shot list, save and send them to your photo expert!

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