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A Brides Guide to Wearing False Lashes on Her Wedding Day

September 15, 2022

Individual lashes VS. strip lashes: which lash type is better suited for me? The best time to test out the different false lash types is during your trial! If you are not sure which lash is best for you, ask your artist to apply a strip lash to one eye and individual lashes to your other eye. This way you can see and feel the differences between the two lash types. When choosing the perfect lash for your wedding day makeup look, there are several factors to consider. We’re going to break down the key differences for you! 

Key Factors in Selecting False Lashes

The most important factor when choosing the perfect lashes for your wedding day is your comfort level. If you have never worn any type of lash extensions before, odds are they’re going to feel pretty weird the first time you try them on! We always say that when a strip is first applied, it takes a bit of time to get used to the weight. Once your makeup look is completed, your strip lash should be fully secured and you should feel more adjusted to the additional weight. If you are feeling any poking or discomfort, let your makeup artist know! They will adjust your strip lash until you feel comfortable. If you are a bride that has never worn any type of lashes before, we recommend testing both styles out during your makeup trial. This way you can feel out which type of lash (individual or strip) is most comfortable for you and your eyes! 

Another key factor when selecting the best lash type for you is what makeup look you are looking to achieve for your wedding day makeup. If you are looking for a more dramatic eye makeup look, strip lashes are a fantastic option. If you are looking for a more subtle and natural eye makeup look, check out individual lashes! Individual lashes are a bit more versatile than the strip lash as you can build them up and achieve a more dramatic look as well. 

What are Individual Lashes?

Individual lashes are a fabulous option for brides that are looking for a truly natural looking lash, have sensitive eyes, or don’t like the feeling of a strip lash weighing down their eye. Individual lashes are truly the most customizable lash; your makeup artist can build individual lashes up to be even fuller than a strip lash, or apply just a few individual tabs to give your natural lashes a little extra “oomf”. These are a very light-weight option and are incredibly comfortable to wear all day and night long! 

Individual lashes are also a wonderful options for our Mothers of the Bride and Groom and Grandmothers. As we mentioned, they are a very lightweight and natural option, which is typically how we see Mothers and Grandmothers prefer their makeup applied! Another amazing feature of individual lashes is that they are glasses-friendly. They will not bat up against your glasses lens as drastically as a strip lash will. 

Individual Lash Application

What are Strip Lashes? 

Strip lashes are the cherry on top of your eye makeup look! Think you, with a little extra pizazz. They are pre-set into a strip that is secured to your lash line using lash glue. These lashes leave little room for error when being applied, and if done incorrectly, can be really uncomfortable to wear. This is why it is so important to have an experienced professional apply them. In order to achieve a flawless lash application, your makeup artist will personalize and trim the strip lash to best fit your eye shape. This is a crucial part of the strip lash application process! Without the added personalization, you will be left with an uncomfortable lash that will not endure a full night of dancing and wedding fun. 

Strip lashes come in a large variety of styles and lengths, ranging from a very lightweight and natural lash, all the way up to a very thick, full, and long lash. When choosing the style of your strip lash, it depends on how much drama you are going for in your eye makeup. No matter the size of the lash, when applied correctly by one of our experienced makeup artists, they will blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. It is key to have an experienced professional apply your lash in order to achieve a realistic finish; there is nothing worse than sporting a poorly applied lash strip. When incorrectly applied, a lash strip will drastically stand out and be very obvious that it is indeed a false lash! 

We recommend testing out different strip lashes prior to your wedding day when you meet with our makeup artists for your trial. If you are looking for a more dramatic eye makeup look, test out a more dramatic lash! This way you will be able to wear them after your trial and feel how they sit on your eyes throughout the day. If the weight is too much for you, let your makeup artist know and we will adjust to a less dramatic lash for your wedding day. On the flip side, if you’re nervous about strip lashes and want to fair on the more natural side, test out a more natural and lightweight strip lash during your trial. If after your trial you feel comfortable with your strip lash or think you’re comfortable bumping up to a little more of a striking lash, great! Just let us know and we will provide more voluminous strip lash options for your wedding day. 

Strip Lash Application

False Lashes Go A Long Way For Enhancing Your Wedding Day Makeup!

Both strip and individual false lashes have their own benefits, so it's important to choose the right type for your desired look. Be sure to test out different false lash options prior to your wedding day to find the perfect look for you! Whichever you choose, false lashes will take your eyes and overall look to a breathtaking level. Just make sure to have them applied by our professional makeup artists to ensure a comfortable and flawless application!