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Bridal Party Hairstyles: The Ultimate Guide for Brides

September 15, 2022

Congratulations, it's almost your wedding day! By now, you've probably completed (and loved) your hair and makeup trial and know you've got your wedding day look set. But, what about your bridal party? Some brides prefer their bridesmaids to be completely matching from head-to-toe, while others leave the choices up to each individual member!

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At Updos For I Dos, we tend to advocate for leaving the hairstyle decisions up to each individual, with our bride's approval, simply because everyone’s hair is different! One specific hairstyle will not translate the same way on different types of hair. For example, if you would like your bridal party to all wear a braided half-up hairstyle, and you have one bridesmaid with thick long hair and another with short finer hair, the pre-selected style will look slightly different on each member. That being said, we certainly are able to work with a pre-selected hairstyle and make each one of your ladies look and feel amazing!

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Matching Bridesmaids Looks

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Mismatching Bridal Party Looks

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If you are not pre-selecting hairstyles for your bridal party members, our professional hair and makeup artists will consult with each member about their desired look and discuss any photos they have found for inspiration on the day of your wedding. Our thorough consultation process ensures a personalized look that fits each person’s individual features and while also meeting our bride’s expectations!

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When researching hairstyles, we recommend using keywords that reflect an individual's features - such as "brunette short hair updo" - to get the most realistic results. PS - we highly recommend sharing this tip with anyone receiving services, so they can be prepared with inspiration photos! Be sure to check out our Pinterest board for endless wedding hair and makeup inspiration!

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Additionally, we recommend our brides review the chosen looks of each bridesmaid prior to the wedding day - this way there are no surprises when it comes time for beauty services! We know that every party member wants to feel beautiful and confident on your special day, and with proper research and preparation, nothing can stand in the way of perfect styling!

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Aside from researching specific hairstyles and makeup looks, other important elements of preparation include having a timeline of events planned out so everyone stays on track to get ready on time. The good news is, our operations team at Updos For I Dos handles this for you! Having a designated plan in place helps keep everyone stress-free and allows everyone to fully enjoy this precious getting-ready experience together!

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If you’re ready to secure your and your bridal party’s on-site hair and makeup services, inquire with us today!