Wedding Hair

Clean Hair vs Dirty Hair

September 15, 2022


Arrive at your formal hair appointment with 2-3 days dirty hair.


Arrive at your appointment with clean and DRY hair. There is only so much your professional hairstylist can do with oily, post-hot yoga sweaty hair or never been brushed hair. With a freshly shampooed and conditioned head of hair, your stylist can create a custom cocktail of products to help achieve the perfect look. Instead of washing 2-3 days prior, we suggest shampooing/conditioning the night before at the very earliest. Even better, shampoo and condition the morning of the wedding!  

To break it down further, here are our top 3 suggestions!


  1. Shampoo and condition using products that are professional and not off the shelves of the local pharmacy.
  2. Wear a shirt that you can easily remove to change into your gown. Also, we suggest watching the collar as it may disrupt perfectly styled chignons.
  3. Remember to have a hair trim 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding. Having freshly snipped ends will help create a polished look.


  1. Don’t sleep on your hair wet. Rough dry and brush hair before passing out the night before your wedding.
  2. Don’t slip a headband on. The headband can crease hair making a funky demarcation line.
  3. Don’t drastically change your hair length or color before the wedding. Remember when Kate Hudson turned up with blue hair in Bride Wars?