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Everything You Need to Know About Extensions For Your Wedding Day Hairstyle

September 15, 2022

If you’re looking for information on clip-in extensions for your wedding day hairstyle, you’ve come to the right place! When you're pinteresting a voluminous and picture-perfect wedding hairstyle, hair extensions might just become your best friend for achieving these looks, adding volume, length, and giving your curls a boost. But with so many choices out there, it can be really overwhelming to figure out what's best for you! 

Clip-in extensions are a quick fix and temporary solution, giving you that extra oomph with ease!  For professional hairstylists (such as ours!) they're easy to put in and easy for brides to take out, while also offering volume, length, and style support! 

For brides (or other bridal party members) looking for a more permanent or long term solution for extensions, we recommend checking out tape-ins! These types of extensions do the same job but stick around longer, though they will require a bit more maintenance! 

The main thing to remember when deciding between tape-in and clip-in extensions is to go for the real deal, 100% human hair! Synthetic extensions just can't handle the heat, literally, and end up a melted mess. 

Your wedding hair trial with your Updos For I Dos hairstylist is the perfect time to chat about which type is best for you! They'll check out your hair, assess your wedding hair goals, and come up with the perfect plan tailored just for you. They can match your color right then and there, or if you’re planning on switching up your hair color, let us know when you've achieved your dream wedding shade and we’ll match you then! If you’re looking to purchase extensions prior to your trial with us, and you’re not sure where to begin with selecting your clip-in or tape-in extensions, shoot our team an email! We’re more than happy to provide several recommendations for you.

Continue reading for a more detailed extension break down! 

Clip-in Hair Extensions for Weddings

Clip-in hair extensions offer brides a fantastic option to elevate their wedding day hairstyle effortlessly! These extensions are semi-permanent and require professional application for secure placement and style longevity. The process involves lightly spraying a thin section of hair with hairspray, followed by teasing to create texture, and then firmly clipping the extensions at the roots. While the teasing step might not be the most enjoyable, especially for those with sensitive scalps, any initial discomfort tends to diminish once the extensions are in place. Numerous affordable clip-in extension brands are available, with Moresoo Real Human Hair Extensions being among our top recommendations, easily accessible on Amazon! 

Positives: Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are an absolute game-changer for enhancing your wedding day hairstyle! They're durable, versatile, and won't harm your natural hair. Plus, they require zero maintenance, making them a stress-free option for any bride! Whether you're rocking an updo, half-up, or fully down hairstyle, clip-ins will seamlessly elevate your wedding day look. Best of all, they're reusable and perfect for future special occasions! 

Negatives: Clip-in Hair Extensions

The only downside to clip-in extensions is their temporary nature, they're exclusive to your wedding day. However, if you're solely focused on enhancing your bridal style without long-term commitment, this may not even be a concern at all! With no damage, reusable quality, and low maintenance, clip-ins are always our top choice for brides.

Tape-in Hair Extensions for Weddings

Tape-in hair extensions are ideal for brides seeking longer-lasting volume and length beyond their wedding day! Applied at the roots and secured around a thin hair section, they provide a fuller, more voluminous look, and absolutely require professional installation. These extensions last anywhere between 6-8 weeks and are perfect for brides looking to rock luscious locks for their rehearsal dinner, wedding day, honeymoon, and beyond! While they may take time to adjust to, the end result is undeniably stunning and honestly, addicting. 

Positives: Tape-in Hair Extensions

Our biggest positive when it comes to tape-in hair extensions is their longevity; they can last up to two months! This means you can enjoy luxurious locks not only for your wedding festivities but also for your honeymoon adventures. With various affordable options available, such as Moressoo Real Human Hair Extensions on Amazon, achieving glamorous hair doesn't have to break the bank! Tape-in extensions can actually be reused, just like clip-in extensions, when properly cared for and maintained. Again, as long as you are taking care of your hair extensions, you should have no problem retaping and having them reapplied. Typically, tape-in lovers can get about 3 rounds of extensions out of one pack, which equates to about 24 weeks of luscious locks!

Negatives: Tape-in Hair Extensions 

While tape-in extensions provide lasting beauty, they do demand a lot more upkeep compared to clip-ins. Daily brushing (at minimum) is essential in order to prevent matting and tangling, and gentle conditioning during each wash is absolutely crucial! Vigorous brushing can cause shifting and pulling, potentially leading to damage. Additionally, upon removal, it's normal to see some natural shedding of hair, this can be scary! However, with proper maintenance, this shedding should primarily consist of hair that was due to shed naturally but got caught in the tape.

What Kind of Extensions Should I Get For My Wedding? 

When deciding between hair extension types, it's crucial to first discuss your options during (or leading up to) your hair trial! Tape-in extensions offer long-lasting results for those willing to commit to maintenance, while clip-ins provide the temporary fix that wedding day hairstyles require! At Updos For I Dos, our hairstylists ensure top-notch styling and clip-in extension application services. Consider your hair goals and maintenance preferences before making your decision; and if you need guidance, don’t be afraid to reach out! 

If you haven’t secured your dream wedding day hairstylist (or makeup artist) yet, click the link here to get the ball rolling! We’d love to play a small part in your big day!

Cover Photo Credit: Erica Lynn Studios