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Fall Wedding Makeup Trends We Are Loving This Year

September 15, 2022

Fall is finally here, we can hear the pumpkin spice latte's calling our name! We love this time of year not only for the pumpkin spice everything but for the makeup trends as well. Fall bridal makeup is a totally different vibe than the natural applications we tend to see in the Spring and Summer, and we're so here for it! Being a fall bride, your makeup options range from keeping it natural, to going big, bold, and dramatic. Here are the fall wedding makeup looks we are loving this year!

Natural fall glam

There are many fall makeup trends to choose from that will make your wedding day makeup look unforgettable. If you're looking for a softer and more feminine look, try using subtle glam colors like nude and gold tones. These are perfect for rustic and natural weddings. For a black tie or bohemian vibe wedding, check out soft shades, like soft mauvey-pinks, over rich and deep colors. Experiment during your trial with different levels of drama; this is the perfect time to figure out if you're comfortable with a natural fall makeup look, or if you're ready to take the plunge into the more dramatic side of fall makeup.

Natural fall wedding makeup
Maggie Carmack Photography

Golden girls

If you're looking to turn heads and really make your deep brown eyes pop, try out a gold shimmery lid! We absolutely love this striking eye makeup look for many reasons, one being that it it is oh-so versatile. Gold eyeshadow comes in a wide range of intensities, from a more subtle and natural-toned gold, all the way up to a vibrant and bright gold that would have Austin Powers Goldmember traveling through time to get his hands on.

If you're looking for a dramatic eye makeup look, try pairing your gold eye makeup with bold black liner, full-bodied lashes, and a neutral lip! If you prefer to stay on the more natural side of the spectrum, try out a more subtle gold on your lid color and smoke that out with a neutral brown shade. The ultimate cherry on top of this stunning eye makeup look ~ brown eyeliner! We love swapping out the typical black eyeliner with brown, it creates a warm and more natural look that we are totally in love with.

Fall wedding makeup look on a bride
Sarah Culver Photography

Heavier smokey eyes

As the leaves start to fall, so do the temperatures. But that doesn't mean your makeup has to follow suit! This is the time of year to rock a smoky eye and bold lip; choose colors that not only complement your skin tone but also complement your fall surroundings. Think of rich colors like pink, purple, red, and brown in various hues. We love deep and romantic smokey eyes to really make your ivory or white gown pop! Bonus points for a gradient red or deep purple lip; these shades are the cherry on top of this gorgeous makeup look!

Smokey eyes are sultry and mysterious, and they can be the perfect way to make a statement on your wedding day. We love pairing smokey eyes with a bold lip color, like red or burgundy. This fall makeup trend is sure to turn heads! If you're looking for something a little more subdued fall makeup look, try a nude lip with winged eyeliner. This timeless look is perfect for any fall bride; it encapsulates the romance of fall while remaining #naturalmakeupvibes.

Something else we've noticed with fall eye makeup palettes is a shift from the bold and sharp cat eye to a more smudged-out eyeliner. We honestly love this look! The smudged eyeliner gives such a warm, romantic, and cozy vibe; what could be more fall? If you're hooked on your cat eyeliner, meet with our artists for your makeup trial and test out different variations of eyeliner! You might just fall in love with the smudged liner; we know we have! Go ahead and get creative with your fall makeup look! After all, it is your big day.

Fall wedding makeup with smokey eyes
Purple Fern Photography

The red lips

While a red lip can be worn year-round, there's something different about the fall season's red lipstick looks. A red lip is a classic choice that always looks stunning when executed properly. We've noticed the more muted red lips heavily trending this year and we are absolutely loving it! Need help deciding on what shade of red is best suited for you? Check out our blog, The Bold Red Lip: A Brides Guide to Selecting the Perfect Red Lip for Wedding Day, where we break down the key factors in finding the perfect hue of red for your complexion.

If you're going for a striking and dramatic makeup look, try pairing your red lipstick with a deep smokey eye! If you're going for a more subtle makeup look and want your red lipstick to be the main focus, go for a more natural eye makeup palette.

Fall wedding makeup look on a bride
Magnolia Street Photography

Summing up makeup trends that we are loving

If you're a fall bride ready to take on a true #fallvibes makeup look, have fun experimenting with bolder makeup! With so many gorgeous trends to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for you. Consult with your makeup artist when you meet for your trial; this is the perfect time to experiment with variations of makeup looks and narrow down the perfect fall makeup look for you!

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