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Here's Why You Should Definitely Book a Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial

September 15, 2022

There are endless details that go into planning your perfect wedding day. You've found the perfect venue, the most incredible photographer, and the most gorgeous wedding dress, so what's next? Booking your top-tier wedding day hair and makeup artists, that's what! You've probably been scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram, and Tik Tok, swooning over glorious bridal glam looks; now it's time to give these looks a test run! We love that these platforms have endless glam inspiration for brides, but how do you know if the look you've been drooling over is the right look for you? This is one of the many reasons why booking a trial with your wedding day hair and makeup artists is so crucial. Your wedding day hair and makeup experiences are some of the most personal vendor interactions that you will have on your wedding day; in fact, your artists are most likely the first vendor interaction that you will have on your wedding day! It is so important that you feel totally comfortable with your wedding hair and makeup artists; the time you spend with them is intimate and we highly value the special time that we have with our brides on the morning of their wedding day.

Logistical pros of booking a hair and makeup trial

Wedding days are planned to an absolute T; every minute of your wedding day is scheduled in order for everything, and everyone, to stay on track. What does the timeline have to do with my wedding hair and makeup? We'll tell ya! We always say, "We want you to LOVE your wedding day hair and makeup, not just like it!" When you meet with your hair and makeup artists for your trial, there will be plenty of time to make adjustments to your hairstyle and makeup look until you're head over heels in love! We won't stop tweaking until you're ready to say, "I DO!" If you do not schedule a hair and makeup trial and wait for your wedding day, but don't love your look, your artists time will be much more limited and it will be more difficult to make adjustments while also taking care of the rest of your bride tribe, and staying on time!

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Additionally, scheduling your hair and makeup trial in advance will allow your artists to make suggestions based on your inspiration pictures. Here's an example: we know styles like the fabulous Hollywood Glam Waves are incredibly popular, but unfortunately, not all hair types are best suited for this type of hairstyle. If you are absolutely set on having Hollywood glam waves for your wedding day hairstyle, but your hair doesn't love your choice, it is most important that you book a hair trial. Your hairstylist will be able to chat through your desired look and make suggestions of ways that you can best achieve this hairstyle! By meeting with your artists prior to your wedding day, they will be able to guide you and create hairstyles and makeup looks that are best suited for you.

We heavily document the looks created during your trial. We take pictures for our own personal reference and will take pictures on your cell phone as well! We also encourage brides to take selfies in different lighting; this way, you will have endless variations of angles to analyze your looks! The photos taken during your trial are also wonderful for sharing with your bride tribe and other members that may have helpful opinions. Sometimes, brides leave our studio loving their looks, but after looking through their photos and “marinating” on their thoughts, they may want to adjust a few things! This is totally okay; just let us know! It is so important that you are 100% honest with your artists, you do not have to worry about hurting feelings! If you’re not in love with your look, then our job is not done. If you would like to come back for a second trial, no problem, just let us know! 

Emotional pros of booking your hair and makeup trial in advance

We recommend brides schedule their wedding hair and makeup trial 6-8 months prior to their wedding day! By following this time frame, you won't have to rush scheduling your trial and can rest assured knowing your hair and makeup artists and looks are locked in!

When you come in for your trial, not only is it an opportunity to test out several different hairstyles and makeup looks, but it is also an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with your artists. It is so important that you feel 100% comfortable with your wedding day hair and makeup artists! The time they spend with you on your wedding day is special and intimate; our artists are typically the first wedding vendors that you will interact with on your wedding day. Our artists understand and value this special time that they spend with our brides; we're there for it all! The happy tears, the funny childhood stories, the sentimental memories; you want to feel comfortable knowing that your wedding day artists are equally as thrilled to be involved as your bride tribe is.

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We want you to feel confident in your wedding day hair and makeup looks. When you feel like your most beautiful self, you carry yourself with the highest confidence and grace. When you do not feel like your most beautiful self, we can tell, and will want to make adjustments until we get you there! Again, it is so incredibly important that you are 100% honest with how you feel while wearing your hair and makeup. You will not hurt our feelings; we are there for you and want you to feel like the gorgeous bride that you are! 

Summing up why you should definitely schedule a wedding hair and makeup trial

Booking a wedding hair and makeup trial is important in order to ensure that you will love your looks on your big day. Not only will a trial allow you to become comfortable with your artists, but it will give you the opportunity to test out different styles. Remember to be honest with your artists so they can create the perfect look for you! Are you ready to schedule your hair and makeup trial with Updos For I Dos?