Wedding Planning

How To: A Charleston Brides Guide to Wedding Planning

September 15, 2022

Picture this: it's golden hour, you're walking along The Battery as the sun sets, with the love of your life. Next thing you know, there's a sparkly rock on your left hand! Congratulations, you're finally engaged! Now, the "fun" part begins. The second you announce your engagement, you can expect never ending questions to pour in from family and friends.

"Have you set a date?"

"Where are you getting married?"

"Do you have a dress?"

"How are you wearing your hair and makeup?"

We could go on!

You might have an idea of where to begin with planning your dreamy Charleston wedding, and if not, we're here to advise you during your wedding planning process! (and hopefully, make your experience as stress-free as possible). Updos For I Dos has specialized in on-site wedding hair and makeup services for almost 20 years now; having been involved in the wedding industry for so long, we know what it takes to make you look and feel your best on your big day! Continue reading for our guide to planning your most picture-perfect Charleston wedding day.

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How do I begin planning my Charleston wedding?

Before putting deposits down, the first step of your wedding process should be a brainstorming session with your new fiancé! Discuss with your partner things like what time of year you'd like to tie the knot, what the vibe is, your ideal guest count, and your budget.

When planning a wedding in the south, we recommend you especially consider hurricane season, as Charleston is part of the south and can be vulnerable during this time of year! With that being said, if you're wanting to get married during hurricane season, just make sure that your venue and all other vendors have a storm plan in place for you. (PS: at Updos For I Dos, we pride ourselves in always having a back-up plan for our brides and artists should an emergency situation arise!)

Your wedding vibe, size, and budget are all factors in selecting your venue, photographer, and wedding planner! (These are typically the first vendors that brides will book). Once you and your honey have completed your online research, spend a day venue hopping! Charleston is abundant with glorious locations for weddings; a few of our favorites are Charleston Society Hall, Kiawah River, and The Heritage Club! No matter the vibe of your wedding day, Charleston, South Carolina, is sure to provide you with the most perfect setting for your big day.

Now that you have selected your dream wedding venue and set your wedding date, it's time to celebrate this first milestone with your honey! Grab a bottle of bubbly and cheers to the first decision made. What a relief!

Once the celebrations have come to an end, gear up for a lot of detailed conversations with vendors. Once your venue is secured, typically, brides will next book their wedding planner and photographer. Research online and ask friends who have gone through this process for their recommendations! Google, Wedding Wire, The Knot, Zola, and Explore Charleston are incredibly useful tools for brides planning their weddings as they are stocked with photos and reviews from previous couples. (Did you know that we have over 850 reviews from brides that have worked with us?!!)

What Charleston vendors do I book after my venue, photographer, and planner?

Now that you have secured your perfect Charleston wedding venue, photographer, and planner, discuss with your partner what is next on your priority list! If you are set on securing a specific Charleston vendor, we recommend that be your next deposit. Wedding vendors typically book their brides anywhere from one to two YEARS in advance! This is why it is so crucial that you quickly secure any and all Charleston wedding vendors that you absolutely must work with.

We recommend brides secure their hair and makeup team anywhere from 6 to 18 months in advance, especially if you are interested in working with specific artists! When researching on-site bridal hair and makeup teams, be sure to thoroughly read through reviews, examine their portfolio, and select a team that is highly experienced and qualified.

We've had the privilege of providing hair and makeup services for Charleston brides for almost a decade now! We fully understand the pressure that is placed on couples, and are here to support you along your wedding planning journey! Our mission is to make the process of finding and booking your hair and makeup artists seamless and fun so that you can focus on what's really important - your big day! We truly believe that every bride deserves to feel beautiful on her wedding day. That’s why our team of artists is dedicated to making you feel the most confident you've ever felt as you walk down the aisle to say, "I do!"

How to plan my Charleston wedding?

Planning a wedding in Charleston, South Carolina is an exciting process that requires careful thought and planning. From selecting the perfect venue to finding the right vendors, there are plenty of choices and decisions to be made. With its stunning waterfront parks, beautiful beaches, and vibrant city life, Charleston offers countless options for couples looking for their dream wedding destination. Whether you’re aiming for a romantic ceremony at Cannon Green or an intimate gathering among lush greenery at Kiawah River, your special day is sure to be filled with beauty and charm in this historic city! 

When you work with Updos For I Dos Charleston, you and your bridal party will receive the highest quality of bridal services, communication, and care. We fully believe that hair and makeup are two key ingredients in feeling your best on your big day! With the assistance of our professional hair and makeup artists, you too can achieve the perfect look for your dream Charleston wedding day. If you’re ready to say goodbye to stress and secure your date with us today, click the link here!

Cheers to Charleston!