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How to Select Your Wedding Hair Accessories

September 15, 2022

Your wedding day is one of the most special occasions of your life, and every detail matters! Among the many decisions you'll make, choosing the perfect hair accessories is essential to complete your bridal look. From tiaras to headbands, combs to floral adornments, the options are truly endless! To help you navigate this delightful but sometimes overwhelming journey, we've compiled a guide on how to select your wedding hair accessories!

Understand Your Wedding Style

Before diving into the world of hair accessories, take a step back and consider your overall wedding style! Are you planning a traditional church wedding, a rustic barn celebration, a romantic beach wedding, or a bohemian garden affair? Understanding your wedding theme will guide you towards accessories that compliment the overall vibe and atmosphere of your special day.

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Pair Your Accessories with Your Dress

Your wedding hair accessories should harmonize with your wedding gown. If your dress is adorned with intricate lace or sparkling crystals, consider hair accessories that echo those details! A minimalist gown may call for a more delicate and understated hairpiece, however if you are looking to make a statement, a bold hairpiece beautifully pairs with a minimalist wedding dress! Bring photos of your dress when shopping for accessories, so you can visualize how they'll work together. A perfect time to begin thinking about your hair accessories is once you have purchased your wedding dress and begun browsing through jewelry options!

Consider Your Wedding Hairstyle

Your choice of hairstyle significantly influences the suitability of hair accessories. If you opt for an updo, you may find hairpins, combs, or hair vines to be seamlessly incorporated into the style. On the other hand, for those with loose waves or flowing locks, headbands or floral crowns can be more appropriate options. Nevertheless, it's important to note that these are not the only choices available to you! While loose waves may not provide the same support as an updo or half-up hairstyle for hair accessories, there's no need to worry. Our skilled hairstylists at Updos For I Dos possess a wealth of expertise, ensuring that regardless of the hair accessory you choose to pair with your wedding day hairstyle, we will expertly execute your vision!

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Hair Accessories for Different Hair Types

When it comes to selecting hair accessories for your big day, it's essential to consider your hair type to ensure a flawless and comfortable fit! Brides with thin or fine hair should avoid heavy hair accessories, as they can weigh down the hair and may not stay in place throughout the celebrations. Instead, opt for lighter, delicate pieces such as small combs or hairpins, which will add elegance without overwhelming your hair! On the other hand, brides blessed with thick and dense hair have the advantage of accommodating more substantial and elaborate hair accessories. Big, heavy hairpieces can be securely held in place by their hair's natural thickness, allowing for a grander statement and a dazzling bridal look. By matching the right hair accessories to your specific hair type, you can achieve a harmonious and stunning appearance that compliments your natural beauty on your special day!

Choose Accessories That Compliment Your Face Shape

Just like choosing the right hairstyle, picking hair accessories that flatter your face shape is essential. For round faces, elongated accessories like hair vines can create the illusion of length. Oval faces can carry off various styles, while heart-shaped faces can benefit from headbands that add width at the forehead!

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Start Early and Try Different Options

Don't wait until the last minute to decide on your fabulous hair accessories! Initiate your search well in advance, preferably after finalizing your wedding dress selection, as it will provide you with a more clear vision of your overall bridal look! At Updos For I Dos, we encourage our brides to bring a variety of hair accessories during their trials with our stylists. This allows you to experiment with different hair and makeup looks, gaining valuable insights into which hair accessories best compliment your features and overall appearance! Through these trials, you can confidently select the perfect hair accessories that fabulously harmonize with your bridal style.

Balance Glamour and Comfort

While it's tempting to go all out with dazzling hair accessories, remember to consider comfort as well! You'll be wearing these accessories throughout the day, so ensure they don't cause any discomfort or headaches. We always recommend brides strike a balance between glamour and practicality!

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Match Color Hues

We love to see brides coordinate the metal and gemstone colors with the details of your dress or engagement ring! For cool-toned gowns, consider silver and pearls, while warmer-hued dresses can be beautifully enhanced with gold and/or crystals. 

To achieve that harmonious and captivating bridal appearance, also consider selecting hair accessories that compliment your fabulous wedding makeup look! Delicate hairpins or combs are perfect for soft, romantic makeup, while bolder makeup choices can be enhanced with a dazzling tiara or headband. Always keep your wedding theme and style in mind to ensure that your hair accessories seamlessly blend with your makeup, creating a radiant and cohesive bridal look that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your special day!

Embrace Your Personality

Most importantly, let your hair accessories reflect your personality and style! If you're a vintage enthusiast, consider retro-inspired hairpins. For the free-spirited bride, a bohemian floral crown might be the perfect match for you. What matters the most is that you feel confident and poised as you take your journey down the aisle to “I do”.

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Consult with Your Hairstylist

When it comes to selecting the ideal wedding hair accessories, don't hesitate to lean on the expertise of your Updos For I Dos hairstylist! They are your ultimate bridal beauty confidante, understanding your unique hair type, preferred hairstyle, and overall wedding vision. By consulting with them, you'll receive personalized recommendations and creative ideas that perfectly complement your chosen hairstyle and enhance your overall bridal look. From delicate combs to dazzling headpieces, your hairstylist will guide you towards the perfect hair accessory that brings out the best in you on your special day, leaving you feeling like the most stunning bride!

So, how do I select my wedding hair accessories?

Selecting your wedding hair accessories is an exciting part of your bridal journey! Take your time, try different options, and don't be afraid to let your personality shine through. With the right accessories and guidance from your wedding hairstylist, your bridal hairstyle will be a true reflection of your beauty and individuality on your special day. And if you’re ready to check one more wedding-to-do off of your list, click this link to secure your professional on-site wedding hair and makeup team today. Happy hair accessorizing!