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Our Favorite Bridal Makeup Trends of 2022 & 2023

September 15, 2022

2022 was the year of natural and glowy bridal makeup looks, we thoroughly enjoyed every second of it! In past years, brides have opted for heavier makeup looks, and we have been so thrilled to see natural vibes trending. As crazy as this may sound, we thank the 2020 pandemic for helping brides embrace the skin they're in and creating the "less is more" makeup trend.

Looking ahead to 2023, we anticipate bridal makeup trends to remain somewhat similar to the vibes of 2022 makeup looks. We expect to see many neutral eyeshadow shades, pale-blush lips, and gorgeous glowing skin! On the flip side, we also expect to see a decent amount of fully-glam brides emerge in 2023. "Glam" is a fairly broad term and can mean different things to different people; our definition of 2023 bridal glam makeup is best described as emphasis on eyes, brows, and lips. Continue reading to learn more about our favorite makeup trends of 2022 and what we're excited to see in 2023.

Dewy Bridal Makeup

Bridal facial makeup trends for 2022 were all about natural, glossy, and luminous skin. The bridal look has shifted away from a matte finish and moved toward something brighter, more fresh-faced, and stunning dewy finishes! The 2022 brides were all about enhancing their natural beauty and adding dimension with using illuminating facial products. Brides also loved experimenting with subtle pops of color like a hint of pink on the lips or soft bronze shadows for a little extra sparkle!

We fully anticipate this dewy skin trend to continue to thrive into 2023 and beyond. Creating the "dewy fresh" bridal look is an art form that requires careful consideration. Makeup artists must have a keen eye when selecting the perfect primers and foundations tailored to each bride's unique skin type. Every individual is unique, so makeup artists need to take into account a client's skin tone, texture, and the climate of the wedding venue when creating this bridal look. (PS: Our Updos For I Dos makeup artists are highly experienced in working with all skin textures and tones so you can rest assured that you are in the most capable hands!) 

Dewy finish
Dani Leigh Photography

Natural Makeup

The bridal makeup trend of 2022 and 2023 is all about keeping it effortless and natural! Instead of going for heavy, overdone looks, brides have opted for more timeless looks that accentuate their natural features. Makeup artists have focused on creating a romantic, flawless look; emphasizing the bride's eyes, going for a lighter foundation, bronzer, and blush to create the perfect natural glow!

We fully anticipate seeing this trend continue into 2023 and we could not be happier about that! The days of heavily caked-on foundation and larger-than-life lashes are in the past and glowing natural applications are upon us.

Natural makeup look
Hannah Mink Photography

Neutral Lip Colors

Lip color trends were all about the nude and neutral lip in 2022! As 2022 makeup looks focused on emphasizing the eyes, a neutral lip was the perfect way to tie this look together. We always recommend a neutral lip color that has a dash of pink tones to it as this is typically the most universally complimentary color.

Brides, bridesmaids, MOB's, and MOG's highly requested a neutral lip color in 2022 and we definitely anticipate that this trend will not go anywhere in 2023. This lip look is highly complimentary and customizable based on each person's skin tone; another reason we are so obsessed with a neutral lip! 

Neutral glossy lip
Rachel Stenger Photography

Bridal Makeup Trends in 2023

Rosy Cheeks

If you're into bridal makeup on TikTok, then you already know that blush is back in action! In 2023, we anticipate seeing soft and glowy facial makeup applications completed with romantic rosy-blushed cheeks. We've always loved rosy blush, we feel like it's the cherry on top of a stunning bridal makeup look! Whether it be a barely-there makeup look or fully glam, a little bit of blush can go a long way.

Rose-blushed cheeks
Terri Baskin Photography

Soft Brows

Historically, eyebrow trends have made significant improvements as far as trends go. Thankfully, we are far from the over-tweezed skinny eyebrows and we are now embracing a more natural brow shape! In 2023, we expect to see brides continue to request a more naturally shaded in eyebrow to highlight their natural shape and arch. The blocky "Kardashian" eyebrow days are behind us and full yet polished eyebrows are heavily trending; we are so excited to see this look gaining traction!

Natural eyebrows
Sidney Leigh Photography

Neutral Eye Makeup with Full Natural Lashes

The bridal makeup trends of 2023 are all about emphasizing brides' natural beauty. We anticipate seeing a variety of different types of neutral eye looks, ranging from a completely nude eye look all the way to a neutral-toned smokey eye. We expect to continue seeing brides opting for a more subtle, natural look that brings out the brides' best features—such as a nude eye shadow applied over the entire eyelid, smudged eyeliner with no overly-winged effects, and full natural lashes for a touch of drama. We absolutely love this trend and are thrilled to see brides embracing it!

Natural eye makeup & full eyelashes
Hannah Mink Photography

Bridal Makeup Trends in 2022 & 2023

The bridal makeup trends of 2022 and 2023 are all about achieving a natural, effortless look. Natural makeup looks that emphasize the bride's eyes and give her a glowing complexion are trending right now, as well as neutral lip colors. In 2023, brides will continue to embrace subtlety with rosy-blushed cheeks, natural eyebrows, and neutral eye makeup with full natural lashes. Updos For I Dos Makeup Artists are highly skilled in creating a wide range of makeup looks for brides and their bridal parties; if you're interested in reserving your wedding date today, inquire with us here. We can't wait to see brides rocking these looks in the coming years! We'll see you soon, 2023!