Wedding Makeup

Pre-Wedding Skin Care: A Brides Guide

September 15, 2022

There is nothing like the glow of healthy and happy skin! Have you noticed how models’ skin is so radiant when you search for makeup inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tik Tok? This is thanks to makeup products, of course; however, we're going to give a shout-out to their thorough skin care regimes as well. Pre-wedding skin care is essential to having a flawless makeup look on your big day! If you have not already visited a licensed esthetician to discuss your pre-wedding skincare routine, we recommend you add that to your list of to-dos!

Everyone's skin is different; we're not here to tell you which products to buy or what order to use them in! This is a topic meant to discuss with your licensed esthetician. What we will tell you are a few tips and tricks we've learned along the way!

When do I start focusing on my skincare for my wedding?

Not only is it important to establish goals and a skincare routine for yourself, but it is crucial that you begin this process well ahead of your wedding day. You can literally never start too early!

Once you are about 6-12 (+) months away from your wedding day, you've hit the sweet spot! This is the perfect time to visit a licensed esthetician and establish a routine for yourself; this may include different types of facials, peels, products, and more. The chosen routine depends on a few factors, but primarily your skin goals are what matters the most. For example, if you are experiencing medium to severe acne, visit your esthetician at least nine months prior to your wedding day to establish a game plan and give yourself plenty of time to heal and make progress. On the flip side, if you do not have any major skin concerns, chat with your esthetician about 3-6  months ahead of your wedding day. Let them know that your goal is to focus on maintaining your skin and sticking closer to your typical routine. If your wedding day is two or fewer months away, we recommend you don't switch up your routine! If your skin has a negative reaction to a new product or procedure, it may take some time for the affected areas to fully heal.

Hydrated skin is happy skin

If a detailed skincare routine sounds like too much work, the easiest thing you can do for your skin is to amp up your moisturizing game. After washing your face morning and night, apply moisturizer to your entire face, neck, and decolletage areas. This will highly benefit your skin’s appearance and allow your facial makeup to lay flawlessly on your wedding day! Even the creamiest of foundations will crack over time if applied to severely dry skin, so it is crucial that you at least moisturize your face daily.

In addition to moisturizing, especially if you're looking to achieve gorgeous and glowing wedding day skin, you need to hydrate yourself from the inside out! Water is the most powerful tool and will make a world of a difference for your complexion. Not only will increasing your water intake improve your complexion, but it will also help reduce any puffiness, itching skin, and will actually make your skin tighter (along with many other health benefits!), we recommend keeping a large tumbler or water bottle filled up at all times. Having a large water bottle on hand will increase your chances of actually drinking it as opposed to telling yourself, "I'll just fill up 8 glasses of water today!" We cannot stress enough how important water is for your body and your skin; not only does it help keep you hydrated, but it also helps protect your skin and keep it healthy. Drinking enough water will help give you that healthy, glowing, and happy skin that you desire!

Some Do's and Don't's

DO: See a licensed esthetician monthly leading up to your wedding day. We recommend beginning this process about a year in advance to your wedding day.

DON'T: Perform extractions on yourself. This will cause scarring; extractions should only be performed by a professional with proper equipment.

DO: Treat yourself to professional skin care appointments! Skin care is self-care (and you deserve it!).

DON'T: Try new procedures or products if you're less than a month away from your wedding day. If your skin has a negative reaction, it may take some time to properly heal!

Pre-wedding skin care is vital to ensuring you look and feel your best on your big day

Updos For I Dos makeup artists love to see brides practice proper skin care; the difference a personalized routine makes is enormous. Licensed estheticians can help establish a routine that fits your needs, whether you're experiencing severe acne or just want to maintain healthy skin! When you're properly moisturizing, hydrating, and practicing a proper routine, your skin (and makeup artist) will thank you!