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Should I Get a Spray Tan Before My Hair & Makeup Trial?

September 15, 2022

If you're a bride-to-be gearing up for your big day, you've likely got a lot on your plate right now! From choosing the perfect dress to finalizing seating arrangements, the list can seem truly endless. But amidst all the planning, there's one thing you might not have considered: should you get a spray tan before your hair and makeup trial? At Updos For I Dos, we're here to tell you that the answer is a resounding "YES!" Continue reading to learn why.

Get the Full Glam Picture

A spray tan before your trial provides you with a complete preview of how you and your skin will look on your big day! It allows you to fully envision your hair and makeup in harmony with your bronzed glow, ensuring a cohesive and stunning bridal look. Additionally, if you typically have a tan complexion but are scheduling your trial during the winter when your natural tan may have faded, we suggest getting a spray tan before your trial session! We guarantee this will make you feel most like yourself and most confident; there’s something about a little glow that gives a great confidence boost! 

Boost Your Confidence

Let's face it, a tan can do wonders for your confidence! When you feel like your most radiant self, it shows in your demeanor, your smile, and every step you take down the aisle. And feeling like your most radiant self on your wedding day is an absolute non-negotiable, and if a spray tan helps you achieve that, then why wait? 

When Should I Get a Spray Tan For My Trial?

We recommend getting your spray tan one to two days before your trial. This allows it time to settle in and gives you a chance to see how it will look on the day. If you're a seasoned spray tanner, stick to your preferred spray tan time frame! If not, we recommend doing a test run about a month before your trial; this will help you gauge how your skin will react. 

Personalized Spray Tan Recommendations

Every skin type is different, which is why some of our makeup artists can offer personalized spray tan recommendations for our brides! Whether you're a spray tan pro or a first-timer, our team of experts would love to help you select the perfect spray for your skin type and desired look. Keep in mind that not every artist on our team provides spray tans, but if you are looking for recommendations, just let our Operations Team know and they will be sure to connect you with the proper artist! 

What Kind of Spray Tan Should I Get?

For those who regularly indulge in spray tanning, we advise staying within your comfort zone by opting for a tan you know and trust. However, if you're new to spray tans, and especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies, we suggest experimenting with it about a month before your hair and makeup trial and receiving a patch test! This allows you to gauge how and if your skin will react and how you feel with the tan. Fortunately, spray tans have evolved significantly since the early 2000s, when they often resulted in an orange hue (let’s be real, we all experienced this!). Today, there's a wide array of customization options and spray types available, ensuring you can achieve the perfect, natural-looking glow tailored to your preferences! 

When Should I Get a Spray Tan For My Wedding?

If you're already a spray tan connoisseur, stick to your usual routine leading up to your big day! New to spray tans? We recommend getting one about two days before your wedding to ensure you've given your tan ample time to set in and also so you’re sure to be glowing from head to toe! 

Should I Get a Spray Tan? Our Answer is Always, “YES!”

Getting a spray tan before your hair and makeup trial is an absolute no-brainer! It allows you to experience the full glam picture, boost your confidence, and also add an extra touch of radiance to your wedding day preview look. We encourage you to go ahead, embrace the bronzed glow, and say "YES!" to the spray tan! 

At Updos For I Dos, we're here to make your wedding day dreams a reality. Contact us today to schedule your trial, lock in your wedding date, and let us help you achieve your perfect bridal look! 

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Cover Photo Credit: Julia Summers Photography