Wedding Hair

The Benefits of Hair Extensions and Cushions to Get That Perfect Wedding Day Hairstyle

September 15, 2022

Have you been scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram, and Tik Tok looking for wedding hairstyle inspiration? Have you noticed that most of the hairstyles pictured feature incredibly full hairstyles? By full, we mean, these girls look like they have #RapunzelStatus hair! Most likely, the hairstyles you’ve been swooning over were achieved by adding extensions and/or hair cushions. We have good news for you; you too can achieve these incredible and full hairstyles without breaking your bank! Let’s break down the differences between extensions and hair cushions.

What are Clip-in Hair Extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are a fantastic tool used to enhance your natural hair and provide extra volume, hold, and length. Clip-in extensions can be applied by your hairstylist directly to your scalp or they can be clipped to your bun or ponytail. These are a very versatile choice, especially if you are still deciding whether you want to wear your hair up or down for your wedding day. Clip-in hair extensions are a non-permanent hair enhancement, they do not cause any damage to your natural hair, and they can be reused pretty much forever! These extensions are a fabulous option for brides that are looking to enhance not just their wedding day hairstyle, but give them options for all those special occasions in the future. This differs from tape-in extensions which are a more permanent solution for brides looking to enhance their natural hair. (We dive into tape-in extensions further down this page!) 

When selecting your hair extensions, there are a few things to look out for: first, make sure you are purchasing REAL HUMAN HAIR extensions! This is so crucial as synthetic hair extensions are not able to be styled and will melt if touched with a hot tool. The second thing you want to look out for is selecting the right color. We recommend chatting with your artist on our team about the best color options for your hair. Lastly, look out for the length! Clip-in extensions come in a variety of lengths, anywhere from 14” and up to 30”. If you are wearing your hair half-up or fully down and you are looking to add a lot of length to your hair, we recommend purchasing at least two packs of clip-in extensions. 

There is a common misconception that hair extensions are expensive, we’re here to tell you that is totally false! Amazon (bless!) has fantastic hair extension options, here’s a link to our favorite extensions on Amazon! 

Before & After Clip-in Hair Extensions

Benefits of clip-in hair extensions for your wedding day hairstyle:

More Volume

Typically when you think about volume, immediately your mind will go to volume at the top of your head/crown area. You know those half-up half-down hairstyles that are all over Instagram, Tik Tok, and Pinterest, and feature voluminous curls or waves? That’s the volume we’re talking about! By adding clip-in extensions, you too can achieve full and voluminous curls or waves in your wedding day hairstyle.

Extra Hold

If you’re looking to wear your hair half-up or fully down, but your hair is heavy and doesn’t love to hold a curl, we recommend adding clip-in extensions. Extensions are fabulous at holding a curl and will help support your natural hair in holding their curls. 

Added Length 

If you’re longing for long luscious curls but your natural hair just won’t grow to be as long as you’d like - extensions! As we mentioned earlier, extensions can be purchased in lengths up to 30 inches - that’s a lot of hair! Typically brides purchase extensions that are about 16” up to 22”; if you are looking to add a lot of length to your hairstyle, we recommend you purchase at least two packs of clip-in extensions. If you do not purchase enough extensions, your hairstyle will look a bit scraggly towards the ends of your hair. 

What are Tape-in Extensions?

Tape-in extensions are a fabulous option for brides looking to enhance their wedding day hair and beyond. Are you going on your honeymoon soon after your wedding day and wanting to have luscious honeymoon locks? Check out tape-in extensions! This type of extension lives in your hair for about 6-8 weeks. They are applied by a professional hair stylist and sandwiched around a small section of your hair. These extensions can cause a bit of damage to your natural hair if they are not properly cared for. If you are interested in trying out tape-in extensions for your wedding day, and beyond, we recommend giving them a test run about 6 months before your wedding. This way you can experiment with the longevity of your extensions and decide if they are the right extensions for you. 

Tape-in extensions can also be purchased on Amazon at a price that will not break your bank, here’s a link to our favorite tape-ins on Amazon! These extensions are also very versatile and can be styled in both up and down hairstyles. You will 100% need to purchase at least two packs of these in order to achieve the real hair natural look. (The last thing anyone wants is to look like they have extensions - they should look completely natural and blend seamlessly with your natural hair!) 

What are Hair Cushions?

Hair cushions are an incredible tool for achieving the big and voluminous buns that are all over Instagram, Tik Tok, and Pinterest. Hair cushions are not quite as versatile as extensions simply because they can only be used for up-styling. Hair cushions act as a base for your style, they are applied by securing the cushion to your scalp with bobby pins. Once applied and secured by your hairstylist, your stylist will then pin your hair to the cushion, wave their magic wand, and voila! A juicy bun is achieved! These are a fantastic and even less expensive option than clip-in or tape-in hair extensions. Hair cushions can also be reused for events following your big day!

Hair Cushion Application & Final Style

Hair extensions and cushions will help you achieve your wedding day look!

Overall, there are many benefits to using hair extensions and cushions to achieve your perfect wedding day hairstyle. Extensions can add volume, length, and hold to your hair, while cushions can help create big and voluminous buns. If you are interested in trying out either of these options, we recommend doing a test run before your big day to ensure you are happy with the results and get used to the feeling of them in your hair. Speak to your wedding day hairstylist about which option is best suited for you! Whichever option you choose, extensions or cushions, you're sure to achieve the perfect wedding day hairstyle!