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How Much Does Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost?

September 15, 2022

You want to look flawless on your wedding day, whether you’re going for an updo and dramatic cat eye, or loose waves and a fresh makeup look. As you plan your wedding budget, you’re probably wondering... how much does wedding hair and makeup cost?

Curious about how much you’ll pay for wedding hair and makeup services, and what factors determine the price?  Our experienced team of wedding hair and makeup experts at Updos For I Dos are here to help!  Keep reading for our breakdown of the average wedding hair and makeup costs.

Wedding hair and makeup artist doing a brides hair

Average Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost in the US

According to WeddingWire, the average cost of wedding hair and makeup services for one person ranges from $150 to $600. There’s a lot that factors into how much you’ll pay for these services, including vendor experience, location, wedding size, and your hair and makeup style. Let’s talk about each to give you a better idea of wedding hair and makeup costs.


You might consider choosing a family member, friend, your regular hairstylist, or a brand new wedding pro to save on cost. Hair and makeup artists that are just starting out often price themselves lower if they’re trying to get established.

Professionals with years of experience often have a higher price. But what you’re paying for is more than pretty eyeshadow and romantic waves!

With an experienced hair and makeup artist, you’ll have a style that is meant to last. You’ll look the exact same at the end of the night as you did when you stepped out of the artist’s chair.

Skilled hair and makeup artists also know how to keep everyone on schedule. Someone new to the industry or a family member could lose track of time or work too slowly.  You don’t want your hair and makeup to make you late for your first look photos or your ceremony.

Professionals that are part of a large team also have behind-the-scenes staff who handle communication and scheduling. This makes booking hair and makeup services a seamless and stress-free process.

Location/Time of Year

Pricing fluctuates in various parts of the country. The average cost of wedding hair and makeup looks different if you’re in New York City or a small town in the Midwest.

Wedding hair and makeup costs also depend on the time of year you get married. Peak season and weekday weddings might carry a different price tag.

Wedding Size

Expect to budget more for hair and makeup services if you have a large entourage of bridesmaids. Your services, plus hair and makeup for your attendants can add up.

Not all brides need hair and makeup services for several people. This is especially true for an elopement or intimate wedding with no bridesmaids.  If you are only looking for hair and makeup services for yourself, your wedding’s total hair and makeup cost will be lower. Hair and makeup artists will sometimes offer a la carte rates for additional people, such as the mother of the bride or one bridesmaid.


When thinking about the cost of an artful updo for a wedding, brides often assume it will come with a heftier price tag. The cost for a wedding updo varies per stylist and is often more expensive, but not always.

At Updos For I Dos, all the hairstyling is priced the same, no matter the length and style of your hair (find out more about our services). There is no additional charge for an updo. We style our brides based on their preferences and inspiration pictures, as well as their face shape and hair texture to make them look and feel their best!

Why Does the Bride’s Hair and Makeup Cost More?

The bride and her attendants are all receiving fabulous hair and makeup services on the day of the wedding, so why does the bride’s hair and makeup cost more? 

Hair and makeup pricing for the bride is often more because the bride’s price includes much more than the time it takes to do the styling.  The bride’s hair and makeup cost also factors in communication time, scheduling, and administrative fees. 

Hair and makeup professionals also spend more time with the bride to give her that extra oomph and make sure she is 100% in love with her look!

bridal updo for a wedding

How Much Does Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup Cost?

On average, bridesmaids and other wedding party members should expect to pay about $125 to $250 per person for hair and makeup. It’s up to the bride if she will pay this cost, or if her attendants will cover it themselves. 

At Updos For I Dos, we believe that bridesmaids should receive the same quality of services as the bride. Not only do we want your bridesmaids' hair and makeup looks to last all day and night, but we also want your bride tribe to feel like their best selves, too! 

Does Airbrush Makeup Cost More? 

Airbrush often is considered an upgrade to wedding day makeup. Airbrush makeup comes in the form of a very thin, liquid-like foundation. Airbrush foundation is a special foundation that is highly colorized and pigmented and is sprayed directly onto your skin using an airbrush pen and compressor. Airbrushing often gives a more natural look that is also waterproof and sweatproof. 

To learn more about Airbrush Makeup, check out our blog Airbrush Vs Traditional Makeup For Your Wedding Day – A must-read for all brides. Airbrush often is considered an upgrade to wedding day makeup, so there may be additional fees for this service. 

Can I Save Money on Wedding Hair and Makeup?

You don’t want to skimp on your hair and makeup services. Consider making it one of your big-ticket items along with wedding planning and photography. After all, your wedding day look will live on for a lifetime in your photos and videos.  A great hair and makeup team will ensure you look fabulous throughout your day and as you look back at your photos for years to come!

There are ways to get creative and make paying for hair and makeup services easier on your wallet. For example, you could ask a family member to gift the service as a wedding present or suggest it as a bridal shower gift.

You could also forgo purchasing jewelry your bridesmaids may only wear once, or skip the matching robes or pajama sets. Use that savings to pay for your bridesmaids to get their hair and makeup done instead.

Other Costs to Consider

Don’t forget to factor in fees like travel, extra time, and gratuity while determining your hair and makeup budget.  Below are a few costs you might need to consider.

  • Deposit: When you book your hair and makeup artist, be prepared to pay a deposit to hold your date. This fee isn’t extra—it goes toward your services.
  • Travel fee: If your hair and makeup artist isn’t located near your venue or getting ready location, you may have to pay a travel fee.
  • Extra time: Want your team to stick around for some extra pampering and touch-ups? This luxury service will have you feeling glam all day!
  • Gratuity: Always appreciated by your amazing team of artists, but not expected. Anywhere from 15-20% is common!. 

Get Ready for Your Perfect Look 

There are many factors that determine your wedding hair and makeup cost. Ultimately you want an experienced team of professionals who are going to make sure you look incredible all day and night!

Check out our services at Updos For I Dos and find out how we can help you achieve your perfect wedding day look! We have the most experienced wedding beauty experts in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Jacksonville, FL, Charleston, SC, and beyond. PS: We love to travel for destination weddings!