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What Your Wedding Hair & Makeup Artists Want You to Know: Pre-Wedding Hair & Skin Preparations 

September 15, 2022

We’re so glad you’re here, beautiful bride-to-be! At Updos For I Dos, we understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and we want to ensure you look and feel absolutely stunning! That's why we’ve chatted with our artists and are here to share some crucial insights into pre-wedding day skin and hair preparation. Trust us, the effort you put in before the big day can make a world of difference, and you’ll be so thankful that you invested in yourself! Continue reading for a few things our artists want you to know regarding your pre-wedding day hair and skin preparations. 

Who Are We? Wedding Hair & Makeup Services Tailored Just for You

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Updos For I Dos offers professional on-site bridal hair and makeup styling services that cater not only to the bride but to every member of your special day, including mothers, bridal party members, flower girls, grandmothers, and beyond! Our dedicated team understands the importance of individuality, ensuring each member receives personalized attention to accentuate their unique beauty. Our services include specialty long-wear hairstyles, traditional and airbrush makeup, lash services, extensions applications, and blowouts, all crafted to make every member of your celebration feel exceptional.

We pride ourselves on providing thorough consultations for every bride and bridal party member! Our artists take extra time, especially during pre-wedding hair and makeup trials, to understand your unique needs, ensuring we customize our services and select the best products for each individual.

Prioritize Your Pre-Wedding Skin and Hair Prep

While planning your wedding, it's easy to overlook the importance of pre-wedding day skin and hair preparations. We strongly recommend that every bride (and even bridal party member!) prioritize their skin and hair in the lead-up to the wedding day. It's never too early to start prepping! 

Taking proactive steps in your pre-wedding beauty routine not only enhances your radiant glow but also provides a precious moment of self-care amid the wedding planning frenzy! We always recommend incorporating regular exfoliation into your skincare routine, this helps ensure that your skin appears luminous and photo-ready for the big day. Early consultations with a licensed dermatologist or esthetician allow you to tailor your skincare plan with ample time, addressing specific concerns and ensuring you achieve the stunning results you desire! We cannot stress the following sentence more; it is absolutely crucial that you avoid introducing new services or styles too close to the big day; wait until after the wedding to test out any drastic changes or services!

Pre-Wedding Skin Care Tips:

  • Regular exfoliation is highly beneficial for maintaining healthy and glowing skin.
  • Consult with a licensed dermatologist or esthetician for tailored advice as soon as possible; do not wait until the last minute!
  • Schedule facials, peels, and use products based on your skin type that are recommended by your licensed dermatologist or esthetician.

Pre-Wedding Hair Care Tips:

  • Regular trims to prevent split ends and maintain a full body.
  • Consult with your regular hairstylist (or Updos For I Dos artist!) to create a personalized pre-wedding hair prep plan.
  • Consider a pre-wedding blowout for smooth and dreamy day two hair that is just asking to be styled to perfection.
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Seasonal Considerations

Depending on the length of your engagement, you may experience the extremes of different seasons! Protect your skin (face, neck, decolletage, and hands) with at least 30 SPF sunscreen during the summer months (but really all year long), and focus on hydration and moisturization during winter to avoid dryness and cracking!

Additionally, during the winter months, pamper your skin with rich moisturizers and consider incorporating hydrating masks into your routine for an extra boost of nourishment! Embracing season-specific skin care practices ensures your skin remains resilient and luminous, regardless of the weather outside.

Budget-Friendly Beauty

Taking care of your hair and skin shouldn't be a financial burden! Begin by consulting with your doctor for a referral to a licensed dermatologist, and inquire about potential insurance coverage for certain services and/or products. When researching services and providers, strike a balance between taking your time, but not too much time, to ensure you make informed, cost-effective, and safe choices. Though it might initially feel like an extra expense, consider this an investment in your long-term well-being! As you walk down the aisle, you'll be grateful to feel like the most radiant and confident version of your bridal self, thanks to your thoughtful and budget-conscious approach to beauty!

What Your Wedding Hair & Makeup Artists Want You to Know

Your wedding day beauty journey is a collaborative effort, and we at Updos For I Dos are here to help make it a seamless and joyous experience for you and your besties! To make it simple, our advice is to start your pre-wedding skin and hair prep early, trust the professionals, and get excited to shine on your special day! Happy prepping, beautiful brides! PS: if you haven’t secured our on-site hair and makeup services for your big day, make your life just a bit easier by clicking the link here!

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