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Who Can Receive Hair and Makeup Services on Your Wedding Day: Insights from Updos For I Dos

September 15, 2022

Your wedding day is a culmination of dreams and anticipation. As you step into the spotlight to exchange vows and embark on a new journey, looking and feeling your best is non-negotiable! Professional hair and makeup services can play a pivotal role in ensuring that you radiate confidence and beauty on your big day. But who gets to enjoy these services, and how does it all come together seamlessly? In this blog post, our premier on-site wedding hair and makeup company, Updos For I Dos, will shed some light on this vital aspect of wedding preparations! 

Introducing Updos For I Dos

Before we dive into the details, we wanted to share about our services! Our esteemed bridal hair and makeup company specializes in an array of bridal beauty services, including:

Bridal Hairstyling

Crafted to perfection, ensuring your hairstyle aligns seamlessly with your dress, wedding theme, and stays flawless all night long!

Hairstyling for Attendants and Guests

Ensuring that your bridesmaids, family members, and friends look and feel their absolute best.

Makeup for Brides

Creating exquisite makeup looks that accentuate your natural beauty!

Makeup for Attendants and Guests

Ensuring that everyone in your party looks and feels beautiful and confident.

Airbrush Makeup Applications

Delivering a flawless, long-lasting finish for your makeup!

Hair Extension and Cushion Applications

Enhancing volume, texture, and length for your hair.


Adding a touch of glamor and allure to your overall bridal look!

Hair and Makeup for Flower Girls

Making even the youngest members of your wedding party feel extra special.

Tattoo Coverage

Expertly concealing tattoos if desired.

Now, with a glimpse into our services at Updos For I Dos, let's explore the key considerations regarding who can receive these services on your wedding day.

Who Can Partake in the Beauty Experience?

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Inclusivity as a Guiding Principle

One of the standout qualities of Updos For I Dos is our inclusive approach to providing wedding hair and makeup services. Anyone looking to receive hair and makeup services on a wedding day is more than welcome to do so! Our philosophy centers around ensuring that every individual who wishes to look and feel their best on this extraordinary occasion has the opportunity to do just that!

Tailoring Services to Suit Your Needs

While the desire to accommodate everyone is clear, the scope of services provided by our team at Updos For I Dos is also influenced by practical considerations. These considerations primarily revolve around the timeframe for getting ready. To ensure an efficient and enjoyable experience, we collaborate closely with each bride, wedding photographer, and planner to create a realistic timeline for the morning preparations! This collaboration allows us to determine how many artists are needed and how services will be distributed.

Bridal Party Involvement

The decision of who receives hair and makeup services often begins with the bride's preferences. It's customary for brides to include their bridesmaids, maid of honor, and even family members like mothers and grandmothers in the morning preparations. Our team at Updos For I Dos enthusiastically accommodates these preferences, ensuring that anyone the bride wishes to have present while getting ready for her wedding day can partake in the beauty experience!

Budget-Friendly Flexibility

Financial considerations are another aspect that can influence the decision of who receives hair and makeup services. In some cases, brides may choose to cover the cost of services for everyone in their party as a generous gesture. Alternatively, individual members of the bridal party may be responsible for their own payment. This flexibility allows brides and their parties to make choices that align with their budget and personal preferences!

Expertise and Personalization

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Versatility and Signature Styles

At Updos For I Dos, our team of artists boast extensive experience in creating a vast array of bridal hairstyles and makeup looks! Whether you envision a classic, romantic style or a trendy and contemporary look, our artists have the expertise to bring your vision to life. This versatility ensures that each member of your bridal party receives a customized look that perfectly suits their (and our brides) personal style and preferences!

Prioritizing Skin Health

Your wedding day should be free from any discomfort or skin reactions. Our Updos For I Dos artists prioritize the well-being of each client by proactively asking every individual to disclose any sensitivities or allergies they may have before commencing the services. Our artists take these disclosures seriously and will not use products that could potentially cause a reaction for these individuals. This proactive approach ensures that everyone can enjoy the beauty experience without any concerns!

Celebrating Diversity

Every bride and bridal party is unique, and our team at Updos For I Dos understands the importance of working with diverse skin tones and hair types! Our extensive experience allows us to cater to a wide range of clients, ensuring that every member of your party feels confident and beautiful on your most special day!

Who Can Receive Hair and Makeup Services on Your Wedding Day?

Your wedding day is an extraordinary celebration of love, and everyone who holds a special place in your heart should have the opportunity to shine! Our team at Updos For I Dos is dedicated to making that happen by offering customizable hair and makeup services for brides, bridal parties, and even their guests. With our wealth of expertise and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, you can trust that your wedding day will be a memorable and beautiful experience for all!

So, whether you're a radiant bride, a supportive bridesmaid, a proud mother of the bride, or an adorable flower girl, Updos For I Dos is here to ensure that you look and feel your absolute best on this momentous occasion! Let our skilled artists transform your wedding day beauty dreams into reality, ensuring that you and your loved ones radiate confidence, elegance, and charm as you step into a new chapter of your life. Your journey towards matrimonial bliss starts with feeling truly beautiful, and Updos For I Dos is here to make that happen for you! If you’re ready to secure our team of expert artists today, click the link here! We can’t wait for your big day!