Wedding Planning

How Do I Pick My Wedding Date? 

September 15, 2022

Choosing the perfect wedding date is one of the first and most exciting decisions you'll make as a soon-to-be wed couple! At Updos For I Dos, we understand that the date you select can impact not only the ambiance of your special day but also the availability and pricing of essential services like bridal hair and makeup. Let's explore some key factors to consider when picking your wedding date!

Navigating Peak Wedding Seasons

Wedding seasons typically peak from March to June and then again from September to November! During these times, demand for vendors, including Updos For I Dos, is high, which can lead to elevated pricing. For more budget-friendly options, consider the slower wedding months, such as July, when reduced rates or special complimentary additions may be available! Additionally, couples looking to secure their dream date during the peak seasons should plan well in advance, with popular months like October requiring bookings up to a year and a half, or more, ahead. This early planning ensures not only availability but also a broader selection of services for each couple's special day!

Timing is Everything: When to Secure Wedding Vendors

Couples book their wedding dates anywhere from two years to two months in advance, depending on the scale of their celebration! Planning a grand affair? Secure your date one and a half to two years ahead for maximum vendor options. Whereas smaller, intimate weddings can typically be planned within six to two months! It's crucial to note that the earlier you secure your date, the more choices you'll have, ensuring that you can lock in not only your preferred venue but also the perfect team of professionals, such as photographers, videographers, and, of course, our talented artists at Updos For I Dos! Early bookings allow for a seamless and stress-free planning process, giving you the best chance to curate a wedding that reflects your unique vision!

Popular Wedding Dates 

Holiday weekends like Memorial Day and Labor Day are forever favorites! Additionally, couples often like to choose dates with double numbers, creating a memorable and significant touch to their wedding day. To capture this trend, consider popular double-number dates like 2/24/24 or 8/24/24, adding a unique and symbolic element to your celebration! These dates not only stand out on the calendar but also provide a touch of charm that resonates with the couple's personal style, making the wedding day even more special and memorable.

Weather Considerations

Weather is a pivotal factor when wedding planning! While spring and fall are typically the most popular due to their more mild weather, it's crucial to have a backup plan for rain, as these times of year tend to be rainier. Our bridal hair and makeup company currently services East Coast brides and their parties; we are based out of the DMV, Charleston, Florida, and Chicago! These areas tend to experience beautiful, and sometimes wetter spring and fall seasons. At Updos For I Dos, we encourage our couples to roll with the weather punches and focus on the commitment they're making. For both spring and fall weddings, where a little rain is typical, it's a good idea to pick a venue with an indoor option, so you're ready for anything. Just remember, a bit of rain on your wedding day won't take away from the joy of saying "I do"!

Weekday Flexibility

Saturdays are the prime wedding day, and typically book up first! Opting for a Friday, Sunday, or weekday wedding offers flexibility and increased vendor availability. At Updos For I Dos, we feature a large team of almost 40 artists, ready to provide the highest quality on-site services for brides! Weekday weddings can be a fantastic choice for couples seeking a more flexible schedule and additional vendor options, and our extensive team ensures that we can accommodate brides on various days, making their dream wedding look a reality! Choosing a non-Saturday date not only opens up scheduling options but also allows for a more personalized and stress-free wedding experience!

Getting Ready Timelines

Let's look into getting ready for your big day! Think about when your ceremony begins, because that really sets the tone for your day. If it's earlier, preparations will begin early too. Consider your photography timeline as well and keep in mind any pre-ceremony photos that are taking place in order to keep things running smoothly! Here at Updos For I Dos, we're total pros at handling different timelines, and always make sure your hair and makeup are absolutely flawless, no matter what time you plan on saying "I do." Additionally, one of the many perks of working with our team at Updos For I Dos is that we handle your getting ready timeline for you! We gather all information needed and coordinate with your wedding planner and photographer to ensure the smoothest getting ready process on the day of your wedding. Planning ahead means you can kick back and enjoy the morning, creating the best vibes for a truly perfect wedding day!

So, How Do I Pick My Wedding Date?

With careful consideration of these factors, couples can ensure a memorable and stress-free wedding celebration. Our team at Updos For I Dos is here to help you look and feel your best on your special day, no matter when you decide to say, "I do!"

When you begin your wedding planning process, make sure to factor in your must-have vendors early on! Getting your dream venue, a top-notch photographer, and the perfect wedding planner secured first gives you a solid foundation! If you've got specific vendors you're super excited about, like an amazing caterer or our fantastic hair and makeup team, snag them early too! Taking these steps ensures you're on track for a wedding day that's everything you've dreamed of, and we at Updos For I Dos are ready to make sure you shine on your special day, no matter when it is! Click the link here to lock in your wedding date with us today, we can't wait to work with you! 

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