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How Much Does Professional Hairstyling For Weddings Cost?

September 15, 2022

Achieving a flawless look on your wedding day is a top priority for all brides, regardless of whether you're opting for an elegant updo, loose waves, or a style in between! As you navigate your wedding budget, we highly recommend brides consider their hairstyling (and makeup!) services as a top priority.

Our seasoned team of wedding hair and makeup experts at Updos For I Dos would love the opportunity to guide you through the average costs associated with bridal hairstyles! With a quick Google search, you’ll find the price range for wedding hair and makeup services for a single person typically falls somewhere between $150 and $600. Several factors contribute to these costs, such as the stylist's experience, the getting ready location, wedding size, and sometimes the chosen hair and makeup styles! Continue reading for our breakdown of wedding hair costs, and why we believe you should prioritize your wedding day glam services!

The Most Experienced Hair Stylist(s)

The choice of your bridal hair stylist, be it a family member, friend, regular hairstylist, or a newcomer to the wedding industry, will majorly influence the cost of your hair services! Newer bridal stylists may offer lower prices to establish themselves, while seasoned professionals typically come with higher price tags. 

High Quality Services

When you work with the most experienced stylist(s), you are not only paying for high quality, professional products, but what you are really paying for is their high caliber of styling services. When working with the most seasoned stylist(s), you can rest assured that the hairstyle they create for you is constructed to last throughout the entirety of your celebration! If you ask us, it’s totally worth the investment! Afterall, you’re probably dropping a pretty penny on your wedding photography and/or videography services; the last thing you want to reflect on is a hairstyle that didn’t last! 

Time Management Skills

Experienced hair stylists are experts at keeping your wedding day getting ready experience on schedule. When you work with someone new to the world of bridal hair or a family friend, there is a risk their organization may not be quite the caliber that a specialty stylist is! Trust us, you definitely don't want to be running late on your wedding day, as this can throw off your entire day-of timeline!

Backed By a Team

When you choose to work with professional hair stylists from a team, such as Updos For I Dos, the stylist community has extra support from behind the scenes, which highly benefits the brides that secure them! There are dedicated team members that handle all the communication, scheduling details, and so much more, making it completely seamless and stress-free to book your wedding hair styling services!

Wedding Location and Time of Year

Geographical location plays a role in pricing, with variations between cities and regions. For example, wedding hair stylists based on the East Coast charge differently than hair stylists on the West Coast, Midwest, and so forth. Not only does the region play a role in determining the cost of your wedding hairstyles, but also the distance that your artist will need to travel! Hairstylists often charge a travel fee, which adds an extra layer to the overall expense. Lastly, the time of year, think peak VS non-peak wedding season, can also play a factor in determining the costs! 

Total Number of Services

As one would expect, the size of your wedding party influences costs significantly. If you have a substantial number of bridesmaids requiring hairstyling services, the budget will naturally increase. Some brides cover the costs for their attendants, while others allocate expenses individually! It's important to consider the dynamics of your bridal party and find a financial arrangement that works for everyone. Additionally, discussing and confirming these details in advance can help avoid any last-minute surprises or misunderstandings!

Selected Hair Style

Contrary to assumptions, the cost of a wedding updo doesn't always come with a hefty price tag. At Updos For I Dos, all hairstyling services are uniformly priced across the board, regardless of the length or style of your hair. This inclusive approach ensures brides receive personalized styling based on their preferences, inspiration, face shape, and hair texture!

Why Does the Bride’s Hairstyle Cost More?

The bride's hairstyle often costs more because it involves more than just styling time! Think of it like this: besides doing the actual hair, there's time spent chatting, organizing schedules, taking care of behind-the-scenes stuff, and so much more. The extra cost is also because the hairstylists take a little extra time with brides to make sure they are looking and feeling their absolute best! Our team is dedicated to providing a personalized and extra-special touch to make each and every bride feel amazing on her big day!

How Much Does Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup Cost?

On average, bridesmaids can expect to pay between $125 and $375 for both hair and makeup services. The decision of whether the bride or attendants cover these costs varies! It's always a good idea for the bride and her bridesmaids to have an open conversation about the budget early on to ensure everyone is on the same page and prepared!

How To Save Money on Wedding Hair Services

While you absolutely don't want to compromise on wedding day hairstyling, there are creative ways to make it a little more budget-friendly! Consider requesting the service as a wedding present or bridal shower gift from a family member. Redirect savings from other wedding expenses, like skipping matching robes or jewelry purchases for bridesmaids, to help with hairstyling costs!

So, How Much Do Wedding Hair Services Cost? 

Ultimately, investing in an experienced team of professionals ensures you look and feel absolutely incredible throughout the entirety of your wedding day! Check out our services at Updos For I Dos to discover how we can help you achieve your perfect wedding day look. Our team of experts spans the East Coast and servicing brides in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Jacksonville, FL, Charleston, SC, and beyond! We’d love nothing more than the opportunity to glam with you and your I Do Crew. Click the link here to learn more about us and secure your date with us today! Yay! 

Cover Photo Credit: Megan Harris Photography