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How To: Selecting The Perfect Hairstyle for Your Perfect Wedding Dress

September 15, 2022

When it comes to selecting your perfect wedding day hairstyle, the key is to create a look that works in harmony with your wedding dress while also remaining inside of your comfort zone. It's important to pick a hairstyle which accentuates and complements your wedding dress neckline, giving you a cohesive and show-stopping bridal look! No matter what wedding dress style you choose, there's an amazing wedding hairstyle to match.

Over the last almost 20 years working in the wedding industry, Updos For I Dos has seen a great deal of gorgeous wedding dresses and has successfully consulted with brides in selecting the perfect hairstyle to fit both their wedding dress and their personality. If you're not sure where to begin with searching for your perfect wedding day hairstyle, look no further! We've compiled some of our favorite hairstyles for every wedding dress neckline; from strapless to scoops, from off-the-shoulder to a high neck, and beyond! 

Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dress

There's something extra romantic about an off-the-shoulder wedding dress! We love off-the-shoulder wedding dresses for many reasons, with one being that this style offers a wide variety of complimentary hairstyles. When selecting the perfect wedding hairstyle for your off-the-shoulder wedding dress, there are a few things to consider:

Kate Grace Photography
Chic Low Bun

The vibe of your wedding dress (Does your dress fall into the boho category? Chic? Etc.)

Your comfort levels (How do you wear your hair every day? How do you wear your hair for special events?)

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Tousled Low Bun

With a boho wedding dress, we love to see cascading braids, loose waves, and tousled hairstyles. With a modern off-the-shoulder wedding dress, we love a side-swept hairstyle! Lastly, with a classic vibe wedding dress, we love to pair a chic updo or a glamorous wave fully down hairstyle. Whether your wedding dress vibe is boho, modern, or classic, your hairstyle options are truly endless!

Low Back Wedding Dress

We're not going to lie, we absolutely love wedding dresses with low and dramatic backs! This style of wedding dress is incredibly romantic, alluring, and (we think) should be shown off completely. When it comes to selecting a hairstyle for your gorgeous low back wedding dress, there are a few things to keep in mind!

Philip Casey Photography
Modern Low Bun

This style of wedding dress tends to show off more skin than others, being that your back is exposed. If you are not comfortable with showing some skin, you will most likely feel more comfortable wearing some or all of your hair down. At Updos For I Dos, the most important thing to us is that you not only feel beautiful, but you feel fully comfortable and like yourself on your wedding day. With that being said, we can't help but be partial to updos paired with a low back wedding dress! We love to let the detail work in low back wedding dresses fully shine and create an updo that aligns and compliments your dazzling dress.

Grace Torres Photography
Classic Half-up Hairstyle

Strapless Wedding Dress

A wedding dress with a strapless neckline is the ideal canvas for any wedding hairstyle. This timeless style can be easily customized to suit any wedding theme or aesthetic, and it offers plenty of versatility when it comes to wedding updos for the bride, bridesmaids and wedding party! With infinite options available, selecting the perfect wedding hairstyle for your strapless wedding dress can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't need to be! Our two tips for selecting your dream wedding hairstyle for your strapless wedding dress is to simply reflect on how you're most comfortable wearing your hair and what your wedding aesthetic is.

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Romantic Curls

High Neck Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses with a high neck are oh-so elegant and always a classic choice for brides! This type of wedding dress is rather dramatic (think the opposite of a low back wedding dress) and again, we believe this neckline should be fully shown off!

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Modern Twist Low Bun

Whether your high neck wedding dress includes a lot of detail work or falls on the more simple side of the detail spectrum, we recommend pulling some or all of your hair back! By pulling your hair back, your hairstyle will harmonize and not overwhelm the gorgeous neckline of your dress.

V Neck Wedding Dress

Much like strapless wedding dresses, a V neck wedding dress creates endless options for wedding day hairstyles. We will say, we do love to see a V shaped neckline shown off and always encourage our brides to select a hairstyle that does not fully cover this gorgeous and sultry neckline. By softly pulling some or all of your hair back, you will enhance the shape of your neckline and give your dress the opportunity to fully dazzle on your big day.

Lily Larson Photography
Boho Half-up Hairstyle

Does your V neck wedding dress give boho bride vibes? Check out a fully-up tousled hairstyle when you meet with our Updos For I Dos artists for your trial! If your V neck wedding dress falls on the modern side, test out a side-swept hairstyle when you meet with your wedding hairstylist for your trial! If you're struggling to decide whether to wear your hair up or down, a side-swept hairstyle is the perfect compromise. A side-swept hairstyle gives the effect of wearing your hair down, while providing the integrity and hold of a fully up hairstyle. 

How Do I Select My Wedding Day Hairstyle?

No matter what vibe your wedding dress brings, our Updos For I Dos artists are sure to provide you with a perfectly tailored-to-you (and your dress) wedding day hairstyle. We understand the importance of feeling comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day - that's why we are proud to provide customizable wedding hairstyles to suit any wedding theme or aesthetic. With a little bit of research and creativity, your wedding day hairstyle can be tailored to fit any bridal look – from boho vibes to modern glamour. Our Updos For I Dos hair and makeup artists are here to help make sure that no detail goes overlooked when it comes to creating unique wedding looks that will last through every moment on your big day! 

Whether you want an all-up tousled look or a side-swept style with some down pieces, we’ll work together to find the perfect wedding hairstyle for you and your dream wedding dress! If you're ready to say, "YES," to your dream wedding day hairstyle, inquire with our team here!

We can't wait for your wedding day!