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Is It Fun Being a Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist?

September 15, 2022

Becoming a bridal hair and makeup artist is a journey filled with creativity, challenges, and so much joy of making brides feel their most beautiful on their special day! At Updos For I Dos, our team of artists embrace the unique and rewarding experiences that come with the territory (and PS: we LOVE it!). Let's dive into the world of bridal beauty and discover what makes being an Updos For I Dos artist oh-so special! 

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A Day in the Life of Hair & Makeup Artists

No two days are the same for an Updos For I Dos artist! With a flexible schedule, our team members balance full-time commitments, side gigs, and even the demands of parenthood. Our work revolves around the lively pace of wedding preparations, where artists are often scheduled for trials on Wednesdays and with weddings typically falling on Fridays, Saturdays, and occasionally Sundays! 

The Key to Success: A Blend of Skill and Characteristics

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To succeed as a bridal hair and makeup artist, a combination of skill, dedication, and personality traits are essential! Updos For I Dos artists are not only highly skilled in creating flawless looks but are also committed to continuous education. Staying updated on the latest hair and makeup trends and techniques is a must! With a keen eye for detail, effective time management skills, and a positive attitude, our artists shine in diverse wedding settings. Adaptability and a client-centric approach further distinguish our artists, ensuring they meet the unique needs and preferences of every bride they work with. The ability to navigate evolving styles and individual preferences sets Updos For I Dos artists apart in the competitive world of bridal beauty!

The Importance of Thorough Consultations

Before each trial session begins, our artists engage in an incredibly thorough consultation process. Brides are encouraged to share inspiration photos, even if they are uncertain about their desired look! Updos For I Dos artists excel in understanding not just the technical aspects but also the nuanced language of each bride's personal style! The goal is not just to create a look that brides like but one that they absolutely love! (PS: we won’t put our brushes or curling irons down until we know you’re head over heels in love with your look!)

Keeping Cool Under Pressure

Every wedding day has the potential to pose its own set of challenges, from parking mix-ups to a number of unexpected hiccups! The ability to stay calm, collected, and professional is absolutely crucial. Updos For I Dos artists must navigate these challenges seamlessly, ensuring that the focus remains on creating a memorable and beautiful experience for every single bride and her party! Maintaining composure is key and any bridal party is sure to appreciate the most tranquil of artists!

The Most Rewarding Experience: Making Brides Feel Beautiful

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Being a bridal hair and makeup artist is so much more than just a job; it's an incredibly rewarding experience! Our artists share such intimate moments with brides and their parties and take great pride in making them feel like their best and most beautiful selves. Witnessing brides tear up in overwhelming joy is a testament to the impact of our work. These emotional connections created during our brides preparations become cherished memories that make each artist's role even more meaningful!

A Positive Work Environment

Updos For I Dos operates as a team, providing support for each and every artist! Fostering a positive working environment is a top priority, ensuring that every artist in our community feels valued and inspired. The collaborative spirit at Updos For I Dos is integral to creating beautiful and harmonious wedding experiences for all brides, their parties, and artists! 

An additional priority (and perk!) of being an Updos artist is our unwavering dedication and commitment to continued education! Our artists participate in yearly educational opportunities and actively share tips and tricks amongst our community. Keeping up with the latest beauty trends ensures our artists are ready to create contemporary bridal looks, and therefore instills confidence in each and every bride who works with us!

How to Become a Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist?

If you are a talented hair and makeup artist seeking a supportive team environment and an opportunity to focus on your passion for beauty, hi! Updos For I Dos is hiring in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Delaware, South Carolina, and Florida! Joining a well-established company like ours means you can focus on the best parts of bridal styling without being bogged down by the burden of administrative tasks, and simply enjoy creating jaw dropping looks for brides. 

For those new to the bridal hairstyling world, we encourage you to practice! Continuous learning from tutorials, in person courses, and staying updated on hairstyling trends will help refine your skillset and best prepare you for a bright bridal future ahead!

Becoming a bridal hair and makeup artist at Updos For I Dos is not just a career; it's a journey filled with creativity, challenges, and so much joy in creating lasting memories! If you're passionate about making brides feel beautiful, we’d love to chat with you. Click this link now to bring your creativity to life with Updos For I Dos!

Cover Photo Credit: Wendy Hickok Photography