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Where Should I Search For Wedding Hair And Makeup Inspiration Photos?

September 15, 2022

What’s our favorite part of wedding planning? Deciding on the hairstyles and makeup looks, of course! Your wedding hair and makeup looks play a crucial role in your overall bridal appearance and feels, and finding the perfect inspiration photos is a key aspect in achieving just that. Our team at Updos For I Dos is here to help guide you in finding the perfect hair and makeup inspiration looks for you! Keep reading for our tips on where to search for hair and makeup inspiration photos for your wedding day. 

The Importance of Keywords

When you're searching for wedding hair and makeup inspiration photos, it's essential to include descriptions that match both your appearance and the style or makeup look you're aiming for. For example, try using specific search terms like "messy updos for brunettes," "natural makeup, green eyes," or "half up hairstyle, naturally curly hair." This targeted approach will yield more relevant results, making it easier to visualize how the styles will look on you! 

Utilize Pinterest, Instagram, and Google

Three of the top platforms for finding wedding hair and makeup inspiration pictures are Pinterest, Instagram, and of course, Google. Tik Tok has become incredibly popular in the last few years and is also a fabulous resource for brides, however, it is typically filled with more hair and makeup tutorials rather than strictly inspiration photos. Not like that is a bad thing, we can work with tutorials, too!) Keep reading to learn what we like about each of these platforms. 


Pinterest is a treasure trove of wedding inspiration. By searching for specific keywords, you can discover countless boards and pins dedicated to bridal hairstyles and makeup looks! You can also create your own board to save your favorite finds, making it easy to share them with your Updos For I Dos artist during your consultation!

We have to be honest, hair and makeup artists have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest! We love this platform because it is rich with gorgeous photos for brides, bridesmaids, and beyond to swoon over. What we don’t love about this platform is that a lot of the photos guests find are heavily edited, feature filters, hair extensions and enhancements, and are not always realistically achievable.


Instagram is another fantastic platform for finding wedding hair and makeup ideas! Search using hashtags like #bridalhair, #weddingmakeup, or more specific tags that match your desired look. Following professional stylists and makeup artists, including our own Updos For I Dos account, can provide daily inspiration,highlight the latest trends, and get you even more excited about working with your wedding day glam squad! 


Google is of course an excellent tool for finding inspiration images. Similar to Pinterest or Instagram, you can use detailed search phrases to find blog posts, articles, and galleries featuring wedding hair and makeup! 

Makeup Filters, Hair Extensions, and Enhancements

Again, while browsing through Pinterest, Instagram, Google, or any other platform, always remember that many photos are filtered or heavily edited. These filters can enhance the appearance of makeup and hair color, creating an unrealistic expectation! Many of the stunning hairstyles you see online include lots of extensions or other hair enhancements, and may not be achievable without having these additions! This is one of the many reasons we highly recommend all brides schedule a trial prior to their wedding day; this gives brides and their artists an opportunity to review inspiration photos together and collaborate to create a uniquely perfect look. 

Consult with Your Updos For I Dos Artist

Finally, and most importantly, always consult with your Updos For I Dos artist regarding your wedding hair and makeup goals. If you're unsure about the look that you want or if you need extra guidance, our hair and makeup professionals are here to help! If you’re able to bring inspiration photos to your pre-wedding hair and makeup trial, this gives our artists the most clear idea of your vision. And sometimes, it’s even more helpful to know what you don’t want and then we’ll take it from there. Regardless, our artists are here to help you achieve the hair and makeup looks of your dreams! 

So, How Do I Search For Wedding Hair and Makeup Inspiration Photos? 

If you ask us, searching for your wedding hair and makeup inspiration should be one of the most fun and enjoyable parts of your wedding planning journey! No matter what bridal aesthetic you’re picturing, our Updos For I Dos artists are excited to collaborate with you in creating the perfect glam for your most gorgeous wedding day. If you're ready to say, "YES," to your picture-perfect bridal hairstyle and makeup look, inquire with our team here! We can't wait for your big day!

Cover Photo Credit: Winnie Dora Photography