Wedding Planning

Where to Begin When Planning My Dream Wedding?

September 15, 2022

Ah! You’re engaged! This is such a wonderful part of every couples love story, we encourage our brides to soak up every second of the pre-marital bliss! As your wedding plans begin to take shape and the champagne bubbles begin to fade, you may begin to feel a bit overwhelmed when beginning your planning process. Many brides wonder, “where do I begin?”, “what wedding vendors should I book first?”, or “how do I even plan a wedding?”. These are all normal questions to be wondering to yourself, and fear not, we’re here to help! 

Updos For I Dos has been providing seamless bridal hair and makeup experiences for almost 20 years now, we like to think we know a thing or two about wedding planning! Continue reading for our exclusive guide that will hopefully help you plan your dream wedding with ease. 

How Do I Pick a Wedding Date?

Choosing the perfect wedding date is often considered a simple task, but truth be told, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question! Many couples opt for a date with personal significance, be it their own anniversary, that of their parents or grandparents, or any other meaningful event. It's heartwarming to witness these celebrations of love and continuity. However, the reality is that, at times, planning around a specific life event doesn't always align seamlessly with practical considerations like the time of year or other influencing factors. While the sentimental value of a date is undoubtedly crucial, couples should also weigh practical aspects to ensure a smooth and stress-free wedding experience. Consider factors like the weather, venue availability, and potential conflicts with major events in your chosen location. Striking the right balance between sentimental and practical aspects ensures that your wedding day becomes a harmonious blend of meaningful moments and logistical ease. So, take your time, reflect on what matters most to you both, and find that sweet spot for a date that aligns with your love story.

What Wedding Vendors Should I Book First? 

When it comes to selecting your dream team of vendors, it is absolutely essential that you first establish your budget before you begin making your deposits. (Most vendors typically ask for a 50% deposit in order to secure them for your date, so just keep this in mind as you start lining up your dream team!) Once your budget has been determined, now the fun begins! We typically recommend that our couples secure their perfect wedding venue first, and then lock in the most experienced wedding planner dream photo and video team afterwards. 

When it comes to selecting your wedding venue, sit down with your partner, chat about the vibe you're going for, and start doing some major research! Do you see yourselves saying "I do" indoors or outdoors? Think about if your venue has backup plans in case of rain – you never know what the weather will be, especially if you’re tying the knot in one of our southern locations! Also, decide if you want to handpick all your vendors or go for a hassle-free "all-inclusive" venue that takes care of everything. Once you've got these basics figured out, it's time to hit the web and find some venues that catch your eye! After that, grab your partner and go check them out in person ~ you’re sure to have the best time! If you’re feeling like a venue might be the one, chat with the venue coordinator, see if they have your date available, and if you've got a favorite photographer or other vendors in mind, make sure everyone's schedules match up. This way, you're setting the stage for a wedding planning adventure that's smooth and stress-free!

If you’re looking for an all-in-one experience, this section is for you! All-inclusive wedding venues are like the ultimate wedding hack – they literally handle everything! These venues not only host your celebration but also take care of the small stuff, from catering to decorations, to desserts, even your DJ and photographer! It's a one-stop-shop that saves you from the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. The best part? You truly get to focus on enjoying your big day without the stress of managing all the details separately. It's a straightforward option for couples who want a smooth and hassle-free wedding planning experience.

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How Do I Plan My Dream Wedding? 

Planning a wedding can sometimes become more stressful than blissful, which is why it is so crucial to invest in top-notch wedding vendors within your budget! At the end of the day, the key is choosing vendors and details that resonate with your relationship and feel authentic to you and your partner. 

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