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2023's Trendiest Bridal Hairstyles for Fall Weddings

September 15, 2022

Fall is here! This is such a magical time for weddings. The leaves are turning into a kaleidoscope of warm hues, while the crisp autumn air carries a hint of romance! If you're a bride tying the knot in the fall of 2023, it's essential to choose a hairstyle that harmonizes with this enchanting season. From elegant updos to whimsical waves, let's explore the trendiest bridal hairstyles that will be stealing the spotlight at fall weddings this year!

Embracing Natural Beauty

In the realm of bridal hairstyling, a shift towards embracing natural beauty has taken center stage in 2023! Brides today are more inclined than ever to present the most authentic version of themselves on their special day. It's the era of the "natural bride," a trend that's reaching new heights, and we’re absolutely loving it!

The key to achieving a natural look is to break free from the confines of perfection. Let go of the reins and allow your hair to assume its natural disposition! This might entail parting the hair where it naturally falls, embracing natural textures as opposed to smoothing, or permitting face-framing strands to delicately drape as and where they wish!

Elizabeth M. Photography

Effortless Elegance: The Timeless Ponytail

The ponytail continues to be a bridal favorite, enchanting both brides and bridesmaids with its effortless yet sophisticated allure! Its versatility is unparalleled; there's a ponytail style to complement every bridal look, addressing any and all concerns – high, medium, low, with or without face-framing accents. Is there a wedding dress that doesn't harmonize with a ponytail? We think not!

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Sophisticated Low Buns

Low buns have always held a special place in the bridal hairstyling repertoire for their timeless beauty, ease of wear, and reliability in varying weather conditions! This season, the classic bun receives a modern twist by pairing it with a chunky face frame! It's crucial to ensure that the front pieces aren't overly long, as they can weigh down both the style and the face. To maintain an airy and elegant feel, start the shorter pieces somewhere between cheekbone and jaw length, then taper outwards. 

If you do not currently have a haircut that includes face framing, don’t fret! Your Updos For I Dos hairstylist will have her shears on-site on your big day; our artists are used to wedding day trims! 

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The Resurgence of Bouncy Blowouts

Wedding day blowouts are making a comeback with a vengeance, as stylists are increasingly reaching for their blow dryer over a curling iron on wedding mornings! This understated yet striking look complements a wide range of dress designs, from sleek and structured to flowy and soft. 

It is absolutely key that you ensure your hair can hold this type of heat styling for a lasting effect, as this style can lose its bounce quickly! Your pre-wedding hair trial is the perfect time to test this. If your locks don't cooperate and you are absolutely set on a bodacious blow out for your big day, think about adding clip-in extensions to your wedding day hairstyle! Even if your natural hair eventually falls, your clip-in extensions will maintain their bounce and provide support for your natural locks to remain in place. 

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A Charming High Bun

For an infusion of romance, explore soft and elegant high buns! The key to achieving this look lies in the bun's placement. If it's perched too high on the head, it might resemble a top knot, giving off a more casual vibe. To infuse a touch of softness, leave subtle waves around the face, neck, and cascading out of your stylish bun. 

This type of updo is a perfect match for a number of different wedding dress styles; from a high-neck, adorned with lace details, to a low back, simplistic-modern dress. Top this look off by pairing a striking statement earring, creating a combination that will undoubtedly earn enthusiastic approval from your loved ones!

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Effortless Mid Styles with a Modern Twist

Love by Julia Mullins

Reviving a '90s classic, the mid-height style with hair gently cascading from the bun shape has gained immense popularity in the fall of 2023! It exudes a perfect blend of sexiness, fun, and elegance, making it an ideal match for the trendy slip dresses of this season. This hairstyle is incredibly versatile and can truly be rocked by brides and bridal parties year round! 

Texture Stole the Spotlight

Texture is having its moment in the bridal hairstyling spotlight like never before! Brides are increasingly drawn to a more relaxed, deconstructed aesthetic while still prioritizing a sense of overall balance, and we absolutely love this trend. This proliferation of textured styles has become a hallmark of late 2023's bridal hair trends, gracing everything from mid styles to high buns and half-updos. The abundance of texture not only adds remarkable depth and dimension to your hair but also pairs flawlessly with a wide array of hair accessories, enhancing your overall bridal look!

Trending Wedding Hairstyles: Fall 2023 

The fall of 2023 ushers in a fresh perspective on wedding hairstyles, celebrating the allure of textured beauty and romantic sentiments! No matter your personal style or hair type, you're sure to discover a hairstyle that seamlessly aligns with your unique bridal vision. At the end of the day, all that truly matters is that you feel confident, beautiful, and at ease as you embark on this extraordinary journey into a new chapter of your life!

At Updos For I Dos, your confidence and beauty on your wedding day are our utmost priorities. We firmly believe that your inner radiance shines when you feel your absolute best! That's why we strongly recommend scheduling a hair and makeup trial before your big day. This invaluable experience not only acquaints you with our exceptionally talented artists but also grants you the opportunity to experiment with various styles and looks! By securing a trial session with Updos For I Dos, you can rest assured that you'll adore your final look and approach your wedding day feeling completely prepared and at ease. If you're ready to say, "I do!" to your dream on-site hair and makeup team, don't hesitate to reach out and inquire with us today! We can’t wait for your best day ever!

Cover Photo Credit: Kir Tuben Photography