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Wedding Design & Decor Trends in 2023

September 15, 2022

As the years go by, wedding design and decor trends continue to evolve. From bright, bold colors to more subtle tones and classic designs - the possibilities and color combinations are literally endless! As we look forward into 2023, there are a few key trends that will likely dominate wedding decor in the coming year. From modern floral displays to creative seating arrangements, here’s what we think you can expect to see from wedding design and decor trends in 2023!

Bold and Bright Color Palettes 

In 2023, wedding design and decor will be more vibrant and energetic than ever! Brides and grooms are turning to bright colors to bring an extra bit of joy to their special day.

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There are plenty of ways to add vibrant colors into your wedding decor and emphasize the theme of your big day. You can get creative with everything from chair covers, table linens, napkins, vases, and beyond. For a truly unique look, you could select electric and colorful florals to feature as your centerpieces, backdrops, arches, and more! Lastly, we're seeing some of the most colorful mismatched bridesmaids dresses, and we're loving seeing the personalities shine through. Wedding days are so exciting and fun, why not select a color palette that reflects that?

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are just one of many trends that are making weddings even more personalized and unique! As weddings continue to evolve, more and more couples are drifting away from traditional color-coordinated bridesmaids dresses for their big day. Instead, many are opting for fun mismatched bridesmaid looks with different styles, hues, and textures. This trend has become especially popular due to its ability to flatter each individual bridesmaid’s unique style and body type, while also serving as an eye-catching detail for wedding photos. Whether you and your bridesmaids prefer vibrant colors or a more subtle muted palette, mismatched dresses can be tailored to suit any wedding aesthetic!

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Not only are we seeing bridesmaids dresses mismatched, but we're also noticing the bridal party hairstyles are not completely uniform! We love that brides are leaving the choice up to each of their bridesmaids on how they would like their hair styled by the bridal hair professional on-site. Everyone's hair is different and will wear hairstyles differently, it's key to consider this when deciding on your plan for your bridal parties hairstyles.

Unique Wedding Guest Books

For a special wedding experience in 2023, couples may choose to have their guests sign something unique that can be used as a decor piece! We love to see couples get creative and choose an item that is meaningful to them, such as a record or a large initial of their newly shared last name.

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We've also noticed (and loved) an increase in photo and audio guest sign-in experiences for guests. These are very interactive and so fun for guests to sign-in on your big day in all different kinds of creative ways!

Statement Veils

This year, unique veils have seen a considerable boost in popularity amongst brides. More so than ever before, modern couples are looking to incorporate this timeless and classic look into their wedding day attire, but with a contemporary twist. Innovative embroidery like floral or lace patterns are being used to adorn these statement headpieces, creating an eye-catching look that sets them apart from more traditional styles! In addition to embroidered veils, the newest rise in veil style we've been swooning over is a pearl detailed veil. These are so romantic and oh-so gorgeous! We love to see this style of veil; they pair so beautifully with a minimally detailed wedding dress and a chic low bun. Chef's kiss!

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Natural Hair and Makeup Looks For Brides

We could not be more thrilled about the bridal hair and makeup looks that are trending in 2023! Over the last year or so, thorough skin care regime's have increased in popularity and brides have focused on improving their natural skin, as opposed to covering up any imperfections with heavy foundation as applied in the past.

2023 Bridal Makeup Trends

As far as wedding makeup looks are concerned, we've said goodbye to heavy makeup application styles and are saying hello to fresh and glowy makeup looks! Brides are embracing the "less is more" approach when it comes to their wedding day makeup look and are increasingly requesting natural makeup applications. Makeup artists have focused on creating romantic, flawless looks; emphasizing the bride's eyes, going for a lighter foundation, bronzer, and blush to create the perfect bridal glow!

Natural Peachy-toned Bridal Makeup

2023 Bridal Hairstyle Trends

The first trend in bridal hairstyling that we've noticed a significant increase in is the "second look". This typically occurs during the reception, when a bride changes out of her layered wedding dress and into something a little easier to move around in! When brides change into their second outfit of the night, we tend to see her hairstyle shift to something new as well!

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A bridal party pony has increasingly become a favorite style for this second look; we truly could not be more thrilled. During your reception there will most likely be a lot of dancing, jumping, hugging... you'd be surprised at how quickly your internal temperature will rise! So, why not throw your gorgeous curls up into a fun and sassy pony? Not only will this hairstyle help keep you cool throughout the remainder of your reception, but it is also a fabulous way to complete the transformation into your second wedding day look.

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The second wedding hairstyle trend we're seeing a notable increase in is the soft low bun. At Updos For I Dos, we love low buns, and we cannot lie! The beauty of a bride wearing her hair back is an undeniably stunning look that commands attention. By taking this approach, the bride's full bridal ensemble will be highlighted; from her dress, to her neckline, to her face, all elements of the look will come together harmoniously!

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Wedding Trends in 2023

From bold statement veils to natural hair and makeup looks, 2023 is sure to be a year of wedding design and decor trends that will leave brides feeling beautiful on their big day. With so many options available, we can't wait to see what unique hairstyles, color palettes, and decor choices couples select as they plan their dream weddings!

When you meet with Updos For I Dos for your trial, don't be surprised if your hair and makeup artists ask you for the full wedding planning scoop! We love details and truly enjoy hearing all about your wedding day vision and planning process. Do you know what we love even more? Arriving on your wedding day is seeing your vision come to life! Updos For I Dos selects only the very best artists and stylists so you can be sure you're getting the top talent and the best personalities; it's like having a BFF who just happens to be a beauty expert! If you're ready to say, "YES," to the top-tier wedding hair and makeup company, inquire with us here! We can't wait for your big day!