Wedding Makeup

Makeup Looks for Mothers of the Bride & Groom

September 15, 2022

The wedding day is, of course, the most exciting time for the couple saying, "I DO", but it is also a time of celebration for the mothers of the bride and groom! They have watched their children grow into the incredible adults that they are now, and are so excited to witness their children begin this next chapter of their lives together. While we primarily focus on tending to our brides and ensuring that they feel their absolute best, we also want to make sure that the mothers involved feel extra special as well!

Erin Kelleher Photography

“Do you provide makeup services for members other than the bride?”

“Are your makeup artists experienced working with mature skin?”

Erica Lynn Studios

These are two great questions we are asked frequently, and our answers are “Yes and yes!” Our Updos For I Dos artists will provide makeup services for any member looking to receive them; this can be mothers, grandmothers, bridesmaids, officiants, flower girls… Basically, anyone that you would like to include in your getting ready experience on the morning of your wedding! 

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Makeup For Mature Skin

While we wish we could wave our magic wands and make wrinkles vanish, unfortunately, we cannot. While we aren't able to completely eliminate wrinkles, we do have some tricks to reduce their appearance. Makeup applications for mature skin look a little different than a makeup application on someone in their twenties or thirties, but that doesn’t mean that their makeup won’t be equally as stunning! 

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We typically advise our mothers to receive a more dewey foundation and finish, as opposed to a matte foundation and finish. Hydrating, illuminating, and dewey products are truly the most effective combination to achieve a flawless look on our mature clients! 

Dewey Finish Makeup Look
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All of our makeup artists are professionally trained and have a makeup kit that includes products for every skin tone and type. You and your mothers can rest assured knowing that we have got you covered - literally! If your mother(s) are unsure of how they would like their makeup done on your big day, our artists are happy to facilitate a trial for them! Not only is this a great time for your mom(s) to get comfortable with your artists, but it will also provide your mom(s) relief knowing what to expect of their makeup on your big day! 

Strip Lash Application (MOB)
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Can Mothers Schedule a Wedding Makeup Trial?

The short answer is, yes! During your mom(s) makeup trial, she can test out a variety of different makeup looks and types of applications. Typically, lashes and Airbrush Makeup are the two things that most mothers are fascinated by and eager to learn more about. If your mom(s) are interested but unsure about wearing Airbrush Makeup and lashes, a trial is the perfect time to give them a test run! 

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We typically advise our mothers not to venture too far out of their comfort zone when it comes to their wedding day makeup; we want everyone to feel and look like themselves, just with a touch of glam! We like to offer the same advice to mothers that we ask our brides to share with their bridal parties; look for inspiration photos that reflect your features! For example, if your mom has blue slightly-hooded eyes, we recommend she include those keywords while researching. 

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At Updos For I Dos, we have a very thorough hiring process, selecting only the very best artists and stylists so you can be sure you're getting the top talent and the best personalities. It's like having a BFF who just happens to be a beauty expert! Our artists are passionate about collaborating with their brides so they can best design and execute a makeup look you love. If you and your mom(s) are ready to say, “I DO,” to our highly experienced team of professionals, inquire with us today!