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The Trendiest Wedding Hairstyles: Summer 2023

September 15, 2022

Wedding season is in full swing, and as the summer sun shines brightly, brides-to-be are looking for trendy yet timeless hairstyles to complement their most special day! 2023 brings a fresh wave of inspiration for bridal hair, with an emphasis on effortless elegance, natural beauty, and romantic vibes. In this blog, we will explore the hottest wedding hairstyles of 2023 that will make you shine as you walk down the aisle this summer!

Soft Romantic Updos

This summer, it's all about soft, romantic updos that exude ethereal beauty. Loose buns, braided chignons, and twisted updos are all the rage! Incorporating delicate flowers, such as baby's breath or dainty blossoms, can add an extra touch of whimsy and femininity to your hairstyle. These updos allow you to showcase your stunning facial features while maintaining an air of elegance and grace. 

Not only do soft and romantic updos provide you with structural integrity that is able to withstand the summer heat and other weather conditions, they will also help keep you cool as you dance the night away with your new husband! 

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Bohemian Waves

Effortlessly tousled and free-flowing bohemian waves continue to be a popular choice for brides in 2023, and most likely beyond! These loose curls and waves offer a relaxed yet glamorous look. Whether your hair is naturally wavy or requires a little help from curling irons or hot rollers, this style creates a carefree and romantic vibe for brides year round! Accessorize with delicate hairpins or a floral crown to complete the boho-chic look and emphasize the movement within your wedding day hairstyle. 

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Half-Up, Half-Down

The half-up, half-down hairstyle will forever be a timeless choice for 2023 brides and their bridal parties! This versatile style allows you to wear your hair down while still having it elegantly pulled away from your face. Wearing some of your hair back is most ideal if you are tying the knot outdoors, especially on the water! When a gust of wind breezes by as you pose for your wedding portraits, you can rest assured knowing your hair won’t blow in your face and need tweaks throughout your wedding photos. We love a loose, textured braid or twist to secure the top section of your hair, and letting the rest flow freely! This hairstyle complements various hair lengths and textures, making it a popular choice among brides of all styles! 

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Hollywood Glam Waves 

When it comes to timeless elegance and effortless beauty, Hollywood glam waves have always been a go-to choice for brides, especially in recent years. In Summer 2023, this classic hairstyle takes center stage, exuding a touch of Hollywood glamor and all of the romantic wedding vibes! These luxurious waves, characterized by their softness and cascading flow, are perfect for brides who want to embrace a sophisticated yet relaxed look. Whether you have short or long hair, glam waves can be achieved with the help of curling irons, hot rollers, or even braiding techniques. Adorned with delicate hair accessories or a sparkling tiara, these waves will ensure that you look and feel like a radiant goddess on your wedding day!

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Statement Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are having a moment in the bridal world, and Summer 2023 is no exception! From pearl-adorned barrettes and headbands to sparkling tiaras and oversized floral clips, statement hair accessories are the perfect way to add a touch of glamor and personality to your wedding day look. Choose an accessory that compliments your dress and overall theme, and let it be the star of your wedding hairstyle!

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Statement Veils

In Summer 2023, veils are making a bold statement as a trendy accessory for brides! Gone are the days of traditional, understated veils – this season is all about veils that demand attention. From cathedral-length veils with intricate lace details to dramatic, floor-sweeping veils with embellishments, these statement pieces add a touch of drama and flair to any bridal ensemble. Brides are embracing unique designs, such as ombré tulle, embroidered motifs, or even metallic accents, to make their veils a true showstopper. These trendy statement veils not only frame the face and add an air of romance but also serve as a stunning focal point for wedding photos! Whether you opt for a cascading veil with a chapel train or a shorter, voluminous veil with a blusher, this accessory is sure to leave a lasting impression as you walk down the aisle to say, “I do!”

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Elegant Ponytails

This summer, ponytails are taking center stage as a chic and modern hairstyle choice for brides! Far from being a casual look, ponytails are being elevated to new heights of elegance and sophistication this year. Brides are embracing sleek and polished ponytails that exude a sense of sleek simplicity and timeless beauty. Whether worn high on the crown or low at the nape of the neck, these ponytails offer a clean and refined aesthetic that beautifully showcases the bride's facial features, her glowing natural makeup look, and allows her gown to take the spotlight! Adding volume at the crown and wrapping a section of hair around the hair tie creates a polished finish, while intricate braids or delicate accessories can add a touch of intricate detail. Pair your power pony with a beautiful hair comb, delicate flowers, or a showstopping statement veil for an elegant touch of drama! Ponytails are not only versatile and comfortable, but they also offer a modern twist on bridal hairstyling, making them a perfect choice for the contemporary bride looking for a sophisticated yet effortless look on her special day!

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Trendy Wedding Hairstyles of this Summer

Summer 2023 brings a refreshing take on wedding hairstyles, embracing effortless beauty and romantic vibes! Soft romantic updos, bohemian waves, half-up, half-down styles, statement hair accessories, and elegant ponytails are all the rage this wedding season. Regardless of your personal style or hair type, there's a trendy yet timeless hairstyle to perfectly suit every bride's vision! Choose a hairstyle that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable on your special day, and let your hair be a reflection of your unique personality as you embark on a new chapter of your life!

When it comes down to it, the most important factor in choosing your bridal hairstyle is how it makes you feel. At Updos For I Dos, our priority is to ensure that you feel confident and beautiful in your wedding day hair and makeup. We believe that when you feel your best, you exude confidence and grace! That's why we always recommend scheduling a hair and makeup trial before your big day. This allows you to not only get to know our talented artists but also experiment with different styles and looks. By booking a trial with Updos For I Dos, you can ensure that you will love your final look and feel comfortable and prepared for your wedding day. If you're ready to say, “I do!” to your dream on-site hair and makeup team, reach out and inquire with us today! We can’t wait for your best day ever!