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Timeless Hairstyles for the Mothers of the Bride and Groom

September 15, 2022

The wedding day marks a joyous occasion not just for the happy couple but also for the mothers of the bride and groom! These extraordinary women have played a critical role in shaping their children's lives, and now they get to witness their offspring embark on a new journey together. While our team typically focuses on pampering our brides, it is equally vital to ensure that the mothers involved feel cherished. It's essential to give mothers the time and attention they deserve, making sure that their look is perfect, and they feel truly special on their child's big day! 

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From elegant chignons to classy updos, there is a plethora of timeless hairstyles that can help mothers of the bride and groom look and feel oh-so stunning and sophisticated! Continue reading to learn more about some of our favorite hairstyles that will forever be a timeless hairstyle choice for the mothers of the bride and groom.

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“Do you provide hairstyling services for members other than the bride and bridal party?”

“My hair has thinned over the years, are you artists experienced working with finer hair types?”

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Our answers are a resounding "yes!" In fact, we offer hairstyling services to anyone who wants to be a part of the getting ready experience on the morning of the wedding – be it grandmothers, bridesmaids, officiants, flower girls, and beyond. 

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Our team of expert hairstylists are experienced in creating timeless hairstyles that are perfect for the mothers of the bride and groom. At Updos For I Dos, we have created an intensive hiring process, so you can rest assured that you will be working with the most talented and experienced hair and makeup artists. No matter your hair type, whether it be dense and coarse, finer, or anything in between, our team of hairstylists are fully prepared to deliver styles that not only meet, but exceed mothers' (and all fellow party members') expectations. 

Elegant Updos For Mothers of the Bride and Groom

We’ll admit it, we’re a little biased, and we can’t help but love updos for mothers on wedding days! There’s so much going on during this time, between getting ready, staying on schedule, chatting with guests… We could go on! If you ask us, your hair blowing in your face is the last thing your mom wants to worry about during this exciting time. 

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Some mothers may want to receive an updo, but are concerned their hair isn’t long enough! The good news is, our hairstylists have many tricks up their sleeves. Even if your mother's hair is shorter than shoulder length, an updo is absolutely not out of the question! 

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For mothers with heavily layered cuts, a tousled updo is a fabulous option. For mothers with less layered haircuts, check out a chic chignon or a modern twist! Especially if your mother is rocking a high-neck or heavily decorated dress, we highly recommend she check out updo options for your wedding day. 

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Simple Hairstyles For Mothers of the Bride and Groom

Some mothers worry about changing up their hairstyle and going too far out of their comfort zone, and that is totally okay! Just like we tell our brides, we want the mothers to feel and look like themselves. If your mom has been wearing her hair the exact same way for as long as she can remember, then let’s stick with that hairstyle, but elevate it! If this section hits home for you and your moms, here are our suggestions. 

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Our artists provide thorough consultations for every party member receiving services. Ask your mom(s) to have photos ready (on their phones) of how they typically like to wear their hair. From here, our artists will duplicate their hairstyle using tools and products that will not only replicate their desired style, but also lengthen the life of it! 

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Can Mothers of the Bride and Groom Schedule a Trial?

The short answer is, yes! Our artists are able to facilitate hairstyling trials for any party member looking to receive them. Especially if your mom(s) are apprehensive about having a new person style their hair, we highly recommend them schedule a trial with us! Not only will a trial give your moms some ease of mind when it comes to achieving their desired hairstyle, but it will also give them an opportunity to become comfortable with your Updos For I Dos artist. 

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Hairstyles for the Mothers of the Bride and Groom

At Updos For I Dos, our team of hairstylists is heavily experienced in creating timeless hairstyles that are perfect for the mothers of the bride and groom, regardless of hair type. We understand that the wedding day can be a stressful time for mothers, which is why we strive to create an environment where they feel comfortable and completely confident! We want all of our clients to look their best on this special day, so if you or your mother(s) are looking for timeless hairstyles perfect for the occasion, contact Updos For I Dos today! Our team of expert stylists will make sure your mom looks her absolute best when walking down the aisle with you on one of the most important days in both of your lives!